You'll always be my summer girl
Around for sun, late nights, and beer,
But when fall sets in
There'll be no trace of you here.

You won't be here for the falling leaves
You left before autumn came
I cannot fall for someone who leaves
Oh no, I cannot play your game

When winter comes I'll be missing you
And the snow will fall with my spirit
I'll long for your music;
Your wonderful voice, I want to hear it.

I'm waiting for summer to come again
The other seasons I've come to hate
Spring always takes it's time
And arrives way too late.

But things are getting hotter
You'll be coming soon
My heart can't wait for your arrival
It's time for the month of June

As June rolls in I realize
I need you to be my everything
I can't have my summer girl
I also need autumn, winter, and spring…