Someone is an impostor.

Lying around the depths of the Pure Class Wrestling landscape lies an intruder; the level of which we have yet to discover. Throwing out red herring like he's cloaking his true identity as Sherlock Holmes, he only wishes to bring chaos to the world of PCW, or at least the ones who it will inconvenience the most.

As I stand soon to face the final grudge match with my most bitter opponent, someone is inciting him to do worse damage to me. Perhaps posing as the one formerly known as Pegasus, someone is invoking the word of God himself in order to bring me down in time for a defeat against the hands of Loki.

Maybe it is someone who knows what it's like to finally get a match against your villain and to come up short. Maybe it is someone who sees the actions of the Great Betrayal as justified. Maybe it was a DC fan who took exception to my praise of the Avengers throughout the art of parody. Regardless of what it is, he has a plan.

This plan is to drive into the very darkest corner of the mind of Loki. He has already driven him over the edge. Loki may be a traitorous douchebag, but before this, he is not someone who would attack another simply out of believing him to be a taunter. I think on some level, Loki knows that if I wanted to taunt him, I would not do it under the guise of a second mask. I take no issue in his mockery, regardless of how many times he may choose to attack me.

Whomever it is that is leading these attacks knows what I do; that Loki has skeletons that lay beyond his closet. Loki's demons extend beyond the perception of anyone who is quoting biblical verses to get his attention. It must be someone motivated, incited, and downright determined to make an impact, not only among the PCW elite, but on Loki personally. Good old Brandon must've pissed off more than me with his ultimate drive to become the PCW champion.

But that isn't where the story will go. He will not find peace in knowing who has been taunting him. My story will not take a backseat in order to accommodate someone's needy fascination for scripture. For months I have tracked the Fallen Angel and have finally cornered him where I want him; a one-on-one match. Nothing else will be on the line, no more at stake than personal vengeance that he so righteously deserves.

There he stood, taking part in the parody for which I designed to be the greatest in PCW history, all the while having the plans for his backstabbing actions in place. Because of the actions of someone else, it became a matter of circumstance that he drove that dagger into the skin of my spine. What he did not expect was a resurrection, a retribution, or worse; a culmination of residual anger from a masked wrestler who is tired of tarnishing his legacy with the anger of another.

In a short time period, these answers will all face their rightful conclusion. For now, I'm expected to go have fun with the newest resident luchador, someone who is supposed to take the mantle away from Heavy Metal. They will expect a kind encounter, and a recreation perhaps of the legendary confrontation we made over a year ago when I knew where my friend was. El Musculo may be a talented wrestler and may belong with the elite of PCW, but because he is not Heavy Metal, he will not be my counterpart. He will not be the one who walks beside me into the mouth of Hell to confront great evil. He will not raise that tag team championship belt with me, and therefore he is an enemy standing in my way toward the greatest enemy I've ever had. Maybe it was Musculo trying to use biblical quotes to weaken me in order to make a name for himself. I hope for his sake he wouldn't trust Loki in any kind of agreement. I know more than anyone how much that can come back to bite you.

Musculo must be defeated, guilty or not. The confrontation has been building for months and will now finally reach its culmination. If Musculo must suffer so that I can finally seek my righteous vengeance against the true foe of Pure Class Wrestling, so be it. I hope he will not hold it against me when he faces the wrath of months of bottled-up anger. Nobody but Loki deserves that, but I cannot take for granted that Musculo is not behind the cover-up of Loki's enemy. It is unfortunate that I must assume such things, but ever since the betrayal Loki perpetrated, I cannot take the chance that anyone is innocent anymore.