Once there is a girl who has the looks of a doll ( you know, the one with long silky golden hair,porcelain skin and blue eyes) and the body of a model. She has a photographic memory (Yup. That means she always scored full marks for exams or tests even if she didn't study for it.). She is like a dream child who parents would love to have, or perhaps I should say, she is a perfect human being but there is a problem.

She do not have any emotion or in another words,she is a ice queen and she hates being with people. She sees no point in making small talk to people as she may never meet them again .

"Seriously. What's the point anyway since I may not meet them in the future so why bother." she always said when she is told by her classmates,teachers or just people that she is being cold, mean or just plain rude.

Whenever people talk to her, she will get uncomfortable within five minutes and then she will start squirming ,glaring and snapping at them as if telling them to leave her alone. Everyone(when I say everyone, I really do mean everyone) is afraid of her and so they will avoid her at all cost unless they really have to talk to her or doing something like projects with her .

She dislike her parents for giving birth to her and she wants nothing to do with this money-minded and corrupted world but at the same time she wondered at which point of her life will she finally be at her limit so she decided to have bet with herself .If her death isn't the result of a suicide, she win and vice versa. And so she live on,thinking and living as if life is nothing but a game to her.

Till one day she finally had enough and so standing on the very top of a tall building, she smile and said to herself softly, "I lost. Finally, I lost. Finally." before closing her eyes and then she jump. Her parents were sad at first but they were happy for her as they knew this is what she wants and somehow they get the feeling that this isn't where she belongs.

So in the end, they(her parents,I mean) lived happily ever after, knowing that their daughter was somewhere living happily than she ever will here.


a/n: I am such a sadist person. lol. might have a version 2.