My Guiding Light

I'm looking, I'm searching for some guiding light,
Some sparkle to show me the way through the night,
To light up the path so I know what to do,
To help me discover the way to get through.

I'm looking for some sort of small radiance;
I'll follow it if I am given the chance:
A light that will lead me through trouble and strife,
A light that will help me to get through my life.

I'm looking for something to brighten the route,
To show me the great stars for which I can shoot,
To steer me the right way so I'll understand
How things so minute can become things so grand.

I'm looking, I'm desperate for just one small glow,
One flicker, one glimmer to just let me know,
The path is ahead, it is there in my sight.
The only thing I need is my guiding light.