You want to know what ticks me off? A lot. First of all, why can't the stupid raviolis come out of the can when you open it? Are they set on staying in the dumb thing or what? Seriously! And why in the freaking heck are diary locks so hard to pick? You'd think they'd make it easier for all the stupid people that lose their keys to open the dumb things. They should also attach the keys to the diary so retarded little brothers can't take the keys and play with them, then lose them.

Why can't directors and writers get the plot of the movie right? Do they even read the book?! From the way the Twilight movie turned out, I sincerely doubt it. It was the worst production of a movie ever; it was worse than Eragon. And that's saying something. Kristen Stewart can't act to save her life. When she was supposed to be in pain, she sounded ridiculous. And stupid. Because she IS stupid. And Carlisle looked like an elf. WHAT THE FREAK?!