Okay, fine. So I shouldn't have even been there in the first place. A fight between the two largest gangs in town? Hardly any of my business since I a) do not do drugs ever, under any circumstances, b) do not run with the gangsta crowd, or the I'm-so-bad-just-try-me crowd, and c) do not have a particularly gruesome death wish, thankyouverymuch. It is almost common knowledge that these two gangs have been enemies for as long as anybody can remember and that a fight is just long time coming. Everybody also knew that the fight was going down that night at school and everybody certainly knew to avoid it at all costs. Well, at least the teenagers did. In any case, it appeared that every teenager in town knew... except for me, of course. Stupidly - because who the hell would place Geometry over one's life - I sneaked back into school that night to get my notebook so I could study for the test tomorrow. In my defence, you should understand what an absolute bitch Mrs. Heffer - her unfortunate name certainly explains her personality - can be about failed tests. Teachers should not be allowed to use sarcasm. Do they have any idea just how scarring it can be to an impressionable, young child like me? Yeesh.

So, anyway, there I was, sneaking into school under the pretext that I was going over to a friend's house for a while, when the fight erupted on the lawn just outside of school. I was effectively trapped, with no way out unless I managed to survive fighting my way through that brouhaha to the parking lot. Like a stupid, nose-less rat in a maze. My stupidity amazes me at times too. How could I have missed all those whispered conversation behind the teachers' backs about the gang fight? Well, I guess it could be because I was altogether too busy figuring out how to get out of the previous situation I had been in which would certainly result in a month's grounding. I had completely no idea what I should do. I could only stare out of the little glass window set into the double doors leading out of school, clutching my notebook to my chest, though I had seriously doubted it would offer me any protection against the knifes they wielded. I was definitely not used to seeing such horrid violence, with absolutely no care for the opponent's life. I do not exactly live in this neighbourhood, more half-way across the city actually. It was just that no other school would accept me.

What else could I have done at that moment? I had looked around the pitch-black hallway desperately, hoping for some sort of secret entrance I hadn't noticed before. Obviously, there was nothing. I could have just sneaked out and walked home, without my car, but I sincerely doubted any of those people would live my car untouched. And my parents would kill if it got wrecked, though they would also kill me if they had known the situation I was in. I had no other choice. So I pulled the fire alarm. The gangsters outside froze in their murderous frenzy. Then a few seconds later, they all cursed very colourfully (who knew that could be a swear word?) and escaped as quickly as they could from the scene as the sirens of the fire engines began to shriek in reply not too far away. Once I was sure that all of them had their backs to the school, I crawled out of the building through the window I had climbed in and made a mad dash for my car. I had thought I was home free. I mean, I was in one piece, my car was in one piece, I had my Geometry notes and I might possibly not fail the test tomorrow. Hello? I had to be safe. It was at that moment when the police car started chasing me. I freaked - naturally - and stepped on the accelerator.

I led them right to my house. My parents had been waiting up for me and obviously, they were none too happy to see me being dragged out of my car and wrestled to the ground by two beefy police officers. They had arrested me on charges of breaking and entering. I was just taking my goddamn Geometry notebook! I am never going to touch that filthy thing ever again. Then it appeared that I didn't need to, because I was expelled. Again. The school decided not to press charges after Daddy donated a considerable sum to the building of a new wing for the school. Just like how they accepted me in the first place because Daddy donated several priceless books to the library. Yes, my family is rich. Bloody rich. Now can we move on? In any case, I was effectively expelled from my... oh, fourth school in the past five years. I'm sixteen, so you would probably be wondering how much trouble an eleven-year-old could cause to get expelled right? Not much actually. All you had to do was to send a teacher to the hospital. It was not as if I had it on purpose! How the hell was I supposed to know that she had a weak heart? I had just thought that she simply hated Halloween. Wearing a mask to school to scare my friends was part of the fun, you know! Simply put, I have an uncommon and unfortunate knack for getting myself into trouble and there was no other school left in the city to accept me.

So my parents sent me to Hell High.

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