They think a needle in my arm
Can keep me under control
They think a straitjacket
Can contain my soul
They think that pills
Can fix my broken mind
They think asylum walls
Can keep me confined.

We arrive amid shrieking cries
In a carriage of steel and stone
As Queen of the Ever-Damned
Sits on her immortal throne.

In between these iron gates
A beast of melancholy waits
This awful inhumanity
Screeches with profanity
Ready to devour sanity
Of those who value vanity,
The onyx cell doors hold their prey
Ruby eyes glint with decay
The halls are fetid with dismay
Forever here, we all shall stay.

The faeries dance behind your eyes
Be ready to meet sordid demise
Listen, there are no fearful cries
In this moment of last reprise.

Behind the asylum walls I hide
Pouncing when you're trapped inside
Beside you forever I shall reside
Insanity, your newfound bride.