The Preacher's Son.

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Deacon's in Wellington, flatting (which is Kiwi speak for living with/sharing a flat/apartment/house) with seven other people, the tempestuous couple James and Kate, Georgie; a struggling artist, Mona the redhead who works in retail, Cory who gives Deacon the heebie jeebies, inverted and quiet and strange Adrianna and Hayley- 'Bitch.' Deacon! Get the hell out of my summary.

Chapter Four:

Being the guy who knew Almost Nothing.

Deacon made it to class today, he'd snuck in about fifteen minutes late undetected. Because he was late he couldn't get to James, who was seated closer to the front- most probably as per Kate's instructions, she sat, furiously taking notes beside him. Deacon texted James his disapproval of their choice of seating before writing the date on his piece of paper. His lecturer droned on about supply and demand but all Deacon could think about was the dull aching in his head and the next drink, his lips quirked slightly as a thought occurred to him. He sounded like the guy at the beginning of one of those Samoan Christmas plays about the drunkard who finds Jesus. It had been a few weeks since the start of the trimester now, a good few weeks of turning up to classes hungover or still a little drunk and staying under any of his lecturer's radars. That's if he even turned up to class.

"We're well into the trimester now, remember to sign up to tutorials. The classes aren't full yet, they should have been closed last week as tutorials have already started. Sign up." Taking that as a dismissal Deacon packed his things, that is grabbed his pen and folded up the one piece of paper he had, and stood up. "Am I boring you?" Dean waited for the girl beside him to stand, not realising that the lecturer was, in fact, addressing him. Deacon stood patiently waiting, but the girl was too busy jerking her head funnily to move, the awkward thing was her eyes were on him, but she kept indicating to the front of the lecture theater.

"Uhm-" Deacon was about to ask if she was alright when the lecturer cleared his throat loudly, or perhaps he'd turned his mic up, because Deacon heard it and even smirked slightly at the idea of some poor bastard being addressed by the lecturer just as the lecture was finished and they could get out of this huge stuffy room.

"Young man, am I boring you?" It took him a second to realise that he was the 'young man' and therefore the 'poor bastard' in question. Well, fuck. Deacon turned to acknowledge the lecturer who was standing behind the lectern an unamused expression on his well-weathered face.

"No?" His voice carried across the uncomfortably silent room. He could feel peoples' eyes flicking between him and the lecturer secretly stoked that they weren't him right now. The lecturer waited for him to continue, Deacon obliged, "Not at all." He uttered more affirmatively.

The room seemed to shift uncomfortably as a unit, he considered sitting down but for some reason he felt it would only make him the lecturer's bitch for the rest of the trimester. Usually Deacon had a way of getting out of these kinds of situations, however since the lecturer wasn't a she, he wasn't sure his usual charm could apply. But he wouldn't be Deacon O'Hara if he didn't bloody well give it a go.

"I was actually trying to come closer so that I had a better view…" yeah this man wasn't buying, "of you." There were a few snickers from the back of the room, this wasn't going well at all. The girl with the head spasm finally stood up, letting the desk pull up so that Deacon could move past her and casually stroll down the aisle, aware of everyone's stare on his back, he felt like a human target. He neared the front row, noticing that the lecturer was still waiting or him to take a seat and sat on the edge of the first row, pulling his crumpled up piece of paper and pen out before giving the lecturer the thumbs up. The old man raised a salt and pepper coloured eyebrow before talking about the importance of attending tutorials.

"And remember, it is rude to leave a lecture before the end of the class. You are paying for me to educate you in the finer points of Economics, do not let your or your parents' money go to waste." Deacon knew that last part of the lecture was for his benefit and his benefit only. He smiled broadly up at the lecturer, who did not even deign to acknowledge him with an unimpressed look.

However as the room dispersed into civilised chaos with people leaving and talking with people they knew, the lecturer stopped him from leaving, "Young man- a word." Deacon turned towards the exit where James was standing just inside the door waiting for him- it didn't look like he'd wait long as his Kate was standing on the opposite side of the door obviously displeased by James' loyalty to a bro. Deacon held up his finger asking for one minute before holding his right hand up and pointing at his palm- which everyone knows is the best way to hide the fact you're pointing at someone right beside you.

He turned back towards the lecturer, an oldish man, probably the same age as his parents- dressed like Arthur Miller. "Are you going to make this a regular occurrence?" He asked, whilst putting his little microphone thing in a drawer under the lectern.

Deacon decided the truth was the best option, surely the man would see a little humour in his misunderstanding. "I thought the lecture was finished when you started talking about tutorials."

There was no laugh, not even a crack of a smile. "And have you signed up for a tutorial stream?"

"You just told us-"

"I informed you to sign up for tutorials two weeks ago, unless you were not present. Your name?" He pulled out a folder from his box of folders on the desk beside him. Deacon hadn't signed up for tutorials, this was also the first class he'd been to for the past few weeks. This little chat was beginning to turn into a big headache.

"Well- you see, funny story."

"I do not see the humour in your lack of purpose in my class." Deacon thought about the piece of paper with nothing but the date in his pocket and didn't try to interrupt the man, he was just glad that there was no one left in the classroom, save for a few students who were waiting to speak to the lecturer but were talking amongst themselves with the tutors to the side. "I notice you don't even have the prescribed textbook you are required to bring to every lecture. Do you understand that there is still a wait-list of students who want to be in this class? We have three streams all at capacity, and you take up the time and space that another student would be happy to have." Deacon nodded and shook his head at the appropriate time but he wasn't really listening, his mind was already on the student bar. "Name."

Mr Lecturer didn't appear angry; if anything Deacon expected the man needed a break, or at least a drink. "Deacon O'Hara."

"Your name is not down for any tutorial stream," he said, flipping through the sheets in his hand. He put the sheets down and regarded Deacon with tired brown eyes. "I have been doing this for far too long to entertain your disruptions during my lectures." Deacon resisted the urge to point out this was the first time he's turned up to class for a good while, but figured it was better not to. "I've seen dozens of students like you who waltz in and use this class as nap time or a catch up session with friends. If you have the need to do this, don't bother coming. I will kick you out without a second thought, and there's a chance I won't let you back into my class. Remember to sign up to a tutorial using S-cubed, I'm sure you've been shown how on your first week. I won't tolerate disruptions again."

Deacon nodded and without saying a word turned and walked up towards the exit. He could no longer see James or Kate so he figured Kate had finally gotten her way. Ugh, girlfriends. He should have been bothered about getting his act together for his classes but promised himself he'd sort it out in the next few days, he just couldn't be fucking bothered. Pushing out of the lecture theater and into the hallway the door hit James who'd been standing with his back to the door waiting for him.

"Shit, block the exit much?" He asked, laughing as James bent down to pick up the books he'd dropped.

"Last time I wait for you, dick." James mumbled, "Kate got pissed off when I said I'd wait and you repay me by slamming a door into me?" He straightened up and they fell into step beside each other. Deacon smiled at every female that passed by trying to decide if he was hungry or horny, it was a toss up between the two, both of which were overshadowed by his need for a drink. Deacon's blue eyes slid over to regard his flatmate as they made their way towards…he actually didn't know, he stopped walking.

"Where are we going?" He asked, his face the picture of confusion as he looked around. James turned around and shrugged, before checking his phone,

"I thought we were going to find the girls, Kate stormed off to meet Hayley and Adriana, she's not responding to my texts though so I don't know." He looked up, "I'm not even sure if she's pissed because I said I'd wait for you, or because I didn't offer to go with her."

Deacon shook his head, "Dude, Kate's always pissed off." He grinned at James' 'don't go there' look before a thought occurred to him. "So are Hayley and Adriana are students too? Didn't know that Adriana even left the flat."

"Hayley's a second year biomed student and Adriana… she does some science shit too. Dude, how do you not know anything about your flatmates, it's been over a month."

"You just said Adriana does some science shit, pot." Deacon wasn't sure James understood his reference as he apologised and said he didn't have any marijuana on him. Deacon didn't know whether James was kidding or not, he pretended not to hear him anyhow. "Besides, I know enough about Adriana to know she sleeps in her birthday suit." James regarded Deacon with scepticism,

"You haven't…" Deacon laughed, shaking his head.

"Nah, but I know she does. I'm just saying, I know shit about our flatmates. I know you and Kate fight about 97% of the time-"

James interjected, "Too easy, everyone knows that. You don't have to live with us to know this."

"Georgie and Mona are shagging." The wind wasn't too bad today and the sun was fairly decent, Deacon could help but think 'Auckland weather, eat your heart out.' They were outside now where bunches of people were hanging around enjoying the sun or waiting for their next class. Deacon had already convinced himself that he couldn't be bothered making it to Stats. Or was it that he didn't need to go? Either way he wasn't going. James' short laugh brought him back from thinking about his decision to skip class.

His blond friend was shrugging, "Old news." Deacon thought for a second before he remembered Cory.

"Cory- is fucking creepy. Who let him into the house?" James didn't know, telling Deacon that Cory had been there longer than Georgie and Mona. "Would not be surprised if he had a freezer in his room where he kept body parts."

"Shit, imagine that." James shook his head and looked over at Deacon who visibly shuddered. They were walking past a café when they heard a shrill, "James!"

Kate's voice, perhaps music to James' ears, was the exact opposite for Deacon. He glanced over towards the café table they were seated at outside in the sun under a huge umbrella. Kate, knowing she'd gotten their attention and James would follow his leash over to her, had turned back to her conversation with Hayley and Adriana. James had pulled a chair up beside Kate and started trying to get back into her good graces. Deacon only just realised they colour coordinated their clothes; James had a white tee and jeans on, where Kate wore a slinky white top and really tight jean coloured things. Respect was not something Deacon had for James right now. He sat down beside Adriana and found himself facing Hayley. Deacon hadn't spoken to Hayley, hell he's hardly seen her, since she'd stormed out of her room when he'd mistaken it for hers. She sat in direct sunlight, her eyes closed as she sat back, noncommittally responding to Kate every now and then.

Deacon noted that without the scowl her face was a hell of a lot more pleasing to the eye. She had a button nose, which turned up slightly, or it could have been the way she held her head tilted up towards the sun. Taking a drag of her cigarette she opened her eyes, which were dark almost black as they glinted in the sunlight, and regarded him coolly. He swore he could feel a chill running down his spine, as though someone were punching his grave in the future. Where Cory was creepy, Hayley was scary in a completely different way. Despite the sun, she emitted a cold vibe that chilled him right to the core, however judging by the way the others appeared not to notice perhaps he was the only one that felt it? Or maybe her coldness was only directed at him.

"You'd think that as a biomed student you'd be anti-smoking." Deacon joked; Hayley raised a sculpted eyebrow and took another drag. He wasn't sure he liked being given the silent treatment. He wondered whether she was still angry about the vomiting on her floor incident, she blew out the smoke she's inhaled before responding, her voice sounding bored.

"Wasn't aware you could think." Well, burn. Deacon decided to leave that at that and smiled at Adriana, who smiled at the empty space just beyond him. He asked if she had class and she responded politely that she did before asking if he had enjoyed his lecture, the way her eyes met his for a fleeting second indicated that Kate had already informed them of the half-time entertainment he'd provided for the lecture.

"Same old, same old." He responded his smile slightly crooked as he regarded her. She nodded a not-entirely-there smile touching her lips. James was whispering something into Kate's ear now and she was audibly trying to rebuff him, pretending she was still pissed for no reason at all. How James could stand it was beyond Deacon.

"No, you pretty much blew me off." He could hear her whispering back, you couldn't hear what James-on-a-Leash was saying, but you could guess by what Kate was responding with. Deacon felt like re-enacting his encounter with Hayley in her room and vomiting on the floor beside them. "Babe, I'd never leave you alone when you wanted me to come with you somewhere." Kate said in response to more whispering. Hayley's unpleasantness shifted from Deacon to the couple as she exhaled loudly, saying, "Jesus, go home and have the make up shag already. Although I don't know that you can refer to it as a make up shag when you barely fought and definitely didn't break up. Just go home and fuck- we'd rather not be subjected to your nauseating interaction any longer." Adriana was pink around the edges as she looked anywhere but at Hayley, Kate or James.

Deacon was pretty sure he'd gone slack jawed; did he just imagine Hayley's words? "Hayley you are such a fucking bitch sometimes!" Kate stood up, "C'mon James, Hayley's just being a fucking cow because she got dumped. It's not my fault she drives people away." Deacon was fairly certain this situation had escalated pretty quickly. He glanced at James who seemed oddly okay with what had just transpired, even a little excited as he let Kate lead him away. What had just happened? Deacon didn't know, he looked around half-expecting people to run out with cameras yelling 'You just got jawk'd!' New Zealand form of punk'd for non-celebrities, where people are placed in awkward situations and filmed for the entertainment of New Zealand?

No camera crew came crashing out from behind a bush. And all the three of them were left with were the stares of the people around them.

"This is uncomfortable." Deacon said out loud, Adriana smiled, her pink lips parting slightly to reveal a pretty smile that consisted of straight pearly whites.

"Hayley is forthright about things." She murmured, smiling at Hayley who lifted a sun kissed shoulder in a half-hearted shrug. "She doesn't see the point in being delicate with peoples' feelings." Adriana shook her head slightly, a brown curl falling out from the loose bun she had her hair in. Deacon's smile widened and before long he was laughing.

"Jesus, you shouted at them to go home and fuck," it was hilarious in fact it was almost Kara-esque. Despite how outright mean she was Deacon was pretty sure he would want her on his side should shit go pear-shaped in any situation. Adriana's looked from Deacon to Hayley an expression of slight apprehension evident in the way her smile faltered, retreating back into the fake smile of propriety. When Hayley shook her head, a small smile of her own appearing, Adriana seemed to visibly deflate with relief. Her fake smile once again transforming into a real one that spread out over her face and into her eyes. Deacon wiped tears of laughter from his eyes, before noticing a girl sitting a little while off on her own. She was wearing a singlet and short-shorts, which accentuated all the right areas of her well-toned body.

As if feeling his gaze on her she stopped reading whatever was in her hand and looked over, her mocha coloured skin seemed to be glowing in the sunlight. Or maybe it was residual tears from his laughter. He didn't care as he realised the toss up he'd had in his mind earlier came back to him and settled. He wasn't hungry, well at least not for food. The girl smiled at him and he smiled back, he made to stand up but Hayley snapped her fingers close to his face. He pulled his attention from the hot girl across the room to his flatmates, Hayley had leaned across the table and he could see down her off the shoulder top.

He pointed, "Uhm-"

She didn't wait for him to finish, "We're going to class now, I don't care what you're doing now. We're off." They stood up, Adriana pulling down the dress she was wearing which had ridden up slightly due to how she sat on the chair with her legs folded. Deacon tried to keep his attention on Hayley and Adriana but he kept zoning back in on the girl a few tables over. He caught her staring at him, he grinned.

"Bye Deacon." Adriana said quietly, Deacon's face turned up but his eyes remained on the girl who was now twirling a lock of, he assumed silky, black hair around her finger. He knew exactly what he'd be doing in the next few hours and it wouldn't be going to class.

"See you guys later."

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