Authors Note: I wrote this almost a year ago. So I edited it (trust me…it needed editing) It seems that I liked writing poems last year. I wrote the first part when I was really mad. (please do not think I am weirdishly depressed now. I just was depressed at that moment.) The other two parts of the poem I wrote later on. Please review!

Crying, Sighing, and…Flying

All alone with herself, crying,

Thinking thoughts of dying.

All of those tears rolling down,

Hoping that she won't drown.

All of those years,

Fighting every one of those tears.

Racing with the memories,

Her heart wishes to freeze.

Burning, loathing, hating herself now.

Hating, hoping, crying…yelling how.

She knows in her heart that she can do it.

But she doesn't get why they don't get it.

Thinking, crying,

Sadness in her heart.

Loathing, hating,

Ripping it apart.

She doesn't understand why they can't just go,

And why she can never say no.

She only understands herself thinking, crying.

Moaning, dying, crying, sighing and …flying.

Even though she is flying,

She is alone and sighing.

If only she could redo the past,

And then she could thank him at last.

When she is all alone,

She feels like she is being thrown.

And when she looks up at the blue sky,

She knows that she is going to fly.

Taking wing,

She thinks she could sing.

But then the sighing, lying, and crying takes over.

She goes down to the ground and takes cover.

But she loses just by an inch,

It pierces her like a tiny pinch.

Then she cries and then finds herself sighing,

Still thinking of flying.

She takes herself up like never before,

Knowing that no one is going to stop her anymore.

She laughs in the air,

The others look, but she doesn't care.

She's letting go of the past,

As she is flying so fast.

A tear falls down, then laughters follow

Because now her heart isn't hollow.

She is being herself, forgetting yesterday,

Knowing that all the villains will pay.

Everything she knew she is letting go

The others ask why, because they do not know.

She's letting it go. It's going so fast.

She laughs, knowing that yesterday has passed.

No longer is she crying,

No longer is she sighing.

No longer is she dying,

She is just flying.

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