Hypocritical Darlings

Bleed American, my darlings,
bleed greed and misplaced patriotism
upon your heritage linens
reeking of daydreams and frivolities;
I can't tell you that it's wrong
to view the wounds of others so
molehills out of mountains
a half a world away.

Bleed American, my darlings,
because the world is much too cruel
for such as you to prosper;
tedium's so painful,
so sadistic a distraction of the senses
as to rob you of the luxuries
you crave.
What's the point of living
just to be alive?

Bleed American, my darlings,
bleed Perrier and gasoline,
pedigrees and wedding rings;
do Americans in uniform
bleed American as well as you?

They're bleeding dusty air,
suicides and bullet wounds;
they're missing baby steps,
lover's smiles,
dying breaths…
They bleed American,
so we can bleed it too.