17th June

Things to do:

== Throw out cookie dough – do not eat any more no matter how good it tastes at the time
== Study for science exam
== Start again

"Do you want a medal or something?"

Jefferson wasn't the least bit proud of my change; at least not outwardly. Behind his eyes though, I could see him smiling and planning his own personal way of congratulating me; a way that most likely involved water pistols and flour.

That night, it didn't matter that no one would be home until I was asleep and it didn't matter that there would be no one home when I woke up. Because that day I had:

== Finally handed in a piece of work on time;
== Finally told my friends that three months, three weeks, and three days ago my sister had been in a car accident;
== Finally told Marcus that I would appreciate it if he didn't tell me about his new girlfriend until I was over him and;
== Finally allowed myself to smile, without feeling guilty

That day was different; the birds sang louder, the sky was bluer and the sun was brighter. There was a freshness to the air that I had only though possible on a midsummer's morning, the kind of freshness that makes you stop and breathe deeply to take in the moment. People had smiled more; as I got on the bus, as I got on the train, as I opened doors and as I purchased a potato cake, everywhere I went people were happier.

And for once I was one of them.

My bus had run on time and it was filled with people, all of them going places and doing things that were unknown to me. I smiled politely as I sat down next to a boy who took up all the room with his legs. He struck up a conversation; I answered all his questions and got off the bus proud that I had done something right for once.

"Yeah Jefferson, a medal would be nice,"

Authors Note:



thank you to my gorgeous reviewers for this story beena-chan and Kat the Great. i appreciate it more than you guys know, and i thank you so much. also thanks heaps to anyone reading this at the moment coz i love it when people read my stuff. i was looking at the traffic section on this other day, and people from NORWAY and PUERTO RICO have read my stuff. now maybe that doesnt seem that big, but for a normal girl from small town australia, thats like the hugest thing ever. it was so exciting and i thank everyone of you for reading my stuff.

and i'm gonna shut up now coz this is not the logies and i havnt won an award

love and thanks - have a happy day!