You separate yourself from me with a cold yet gentle, casual ease.

One day you're mine, the next you slide into yourself again.

As though you never entered me to begin with.

I hide your scent, and before I know it, it has gone.

I hate your perfect teeth, the way they grind against me.

You're the only one immune to my masquerade of innocent fragility.

Because you saw me fighting for you. Some days it got so bad,

I could barely stand. That was when my strength scared you the most.

I know. You think I don't, but I only pretended to let go.

I hate your soft white curves. On you the flesh looks less like failure.

And you dismiss me when it suits you. Changing like the weather

You have me wrapped up in your seasons, and I'm caught.

In the headlights, enchanted by a divine light.

Blowing in your storm, it seems ironic, that I once thought

I was the only one with the car crash heart,

Blue eyes like the sky, looking down upon my train wreck.

You separate your body, but I still have your heart.

You think that you are above it, but your not.