I don't understand how I ended up here. One minute I was in my bedroom getting ready for bed, the next I was here. Where is here? Here is a place where I can see a lovely meadow to my right and to my left chaos. I'm standing on a hill and below me there's a valley.

In this valley, straw houses are on fire. Men, women and children are running around everywhere. I see many of them fall from the blow of the spears and swords of the men riding horses. Sick. Twisted. How could these bandits attack defenceless people? Clearly this place is not home.

Where is home? Home is where I can safely roam the streets of my local neighbourhood, chat with my friends while we are walking from our school and sleep soundly in my bed. At home, I did not have to worry about death everyday or see horrendous acts against human life.

How did I end up here? A chaotic world that was not Tokyo.