RECAP FROM CHAPTER 1 (sorry, this is very informal but..)

Kk so, there's a prophecy that on the 666th year of the 666th full moon a boy bearing the twin serpents shall be born. When this boy reaches adulthood, the greatest evil shall rebirth in him. Queen Catherine gave birth to such a baby but pitied it and could not bring herself to kill it, so she sent Ella, her personal maid to take the baby with her and settle somewhere far far away from the castle, and kill him when he reaches adulthood (the time the evil inside him will awake). Queen Catherin names the baby Daren (meaning born under the full moon…I think) before he is taken away. Daren is raised up in a plain commoner's village thinking Ella is her mother and knows nothing about the evil that slumbers inside him. He falls in love with a local girl in the village named Katrina who lives with her parents and older brother Fredrick. (Note: Katrina is totally in love with Daren as well but he doesn't know and she doesn't know he loves her either) With Daren nearing his adulthood age (14), he's discovered a strange ability for him to communicate with fireflies at pond. He tells them of his love for Katrina and they give him a gift for her. It's a little bottle with a glowing substance inside. On the night before Daren's 14th birthday he gives her the bottle explaining that it can track him no matter where he is…as long as he walks this earth (being alive). But suddenly, the evil awakes. Daren's attitude totally changes to that of a….asshole. He leaves Katrina in a confused and upset state. Daren goes home where Ella is expecting him. Loyal to her promise to the Queen, she plans to drug him and kill him in his sleep, but she does not know Daren has already changed. After not being able to bring herself to kill the sleeping Daren with a dagger, she sets the house on fire (Note: the villagers think Ella and Daren have died in the fire once they noticed it), and runs. But Daren is not killed and he drags Ella along to claim his rightful place on the throne (cause HE IS the son of the queen. Plus, he's evil and wants power). After arriving at the castle, he declares war when Queen Catherine is not willing to let him have her crown. Queen Catherine recruits lots of men from her kingdom, including Fredrick and his dad, but Daren wins. Fredrick and Harry and many other survivors are captured (note: they do not recognize Daren in the war) by Daren. Fredrick sees that Daren brainwashes the soldiers so they would be absolutely loyal to him. He escapes but could not help his father. Arriving home, he convinces Katrina to go with him to save their father. They arrive in a wood just outside the castle and Katrina figures out how the necklace works. Excited, she follows it through a trapdoor underground and out into an elaborate bedchamber where she finds Daren. Seeing Katrina, the girl he loves, the boy suddenly changes into his old self as the good part of him takes over the evil side. They have a moment together before apart of Daren's evil side returns and tries to kill Katrina. He fails because the good part of him also tries to take control to stop the evil side (so the two sides are wrestling inside one body, trying to take control). Katrina and Fredrick got away through the tunnel and shut the trap door behind them. They suddenly hear their father's voice behind the trap door and Fredrick goes to open it. Their father appears with a piece of cloth over his eyes and snatches Fredrick away when he got close enough. He pressed knife at Fredrick's neck, making thin line of blood mixed with cold sweat flowed down Fredrick's neck. Katrina's eyes widened in fear at the sight of her brother's blood, "W-Who are you?"

Chapter 16

Once again, Katrina was back in that elaborate bedchamber, but this time, she paid no attention to the lavishness around her. She was only focused on one thing, the body that lay under the crumpled bed sheets. As Ella had said, Daren's pet crow was no where in sight, and Katrina tried to feel a little reassurance by that fact.

She inched forward quietly, her dagger clinched so tightly her fingers were pale.

The figure on the bed did not stir as Katrina neared. She gazed at it for a moment, her heart hammering at her proximity. He had most of the sheets covering his head, concealing his face. The figure was also unnaturally silent, lacking even the fall and rise from breathing. But what did she know about how the possessed slept at night? She was not here to wonder, but to finish a job. Clinching the dagger in both hands, she slowly raised it into the air, preparing to strike. She suddenly stopped, feeling her muscles tense. Sweat beaded her forehead from the tension and she held her breath, trying desperately to gain back her will power. She forced herself to focus on the body in front of her, but flashes of the boy she loved played in her head like a movie. She saw him waiting for her at the pond, him handing her the little glowing bottle, him smiling his warm smile. No! He is gone! Her conscience contradicted and she saw flashes of the merciless monster on the balcony that tried to kill her. She saw her father too, lying sprawled on the ground. The cost of this one life will save thousands, echoed Fredrick's voice in her mind. She knew what she had to do, but she still stood there hesitating. All it took was a thin string of hope and love to prevent the dagger's descent. Hope that there was another way around this; that Daren could be saved and he would once again be by her, with all of this misery behind them. How could she hate when she loved? And kill when what she wanted to save? Her hands fell limply by her side.

Suddenly, a cruel laugh punctuated the tense silence. "You women are all too weak", sneered a boy from the open bedchamber door Katrina had entered through.

Katrina gasped as he emerged into the room with one hand holding Fredrick, who was supposed to be her watch out, by the collar. She saw that the boy's eyes were covered with a piece of silk cloth, but he was unmistakably Daren and he seemed to have no difficultly in seeing.

"Do you perhaps need a demonstration on killing?" He strode over to the bed and in one swift motion, embedded a knife into the figure. Daren saw Katrina wince and threw his head back, howling with uncontrolled laughter. "Did you honestly think it was me under there?" He tore away the bed sheets to reveal the body of a motionless woman. It was Ella.

Katrina stifled a scream and backed away till she was against the wall, wishing she could melt into it.

"Don't worry, I already killed her hours before you got here" He said, grinning. "It's a shame, really. She was my best house keeper." He sighed, "But, she had to go" The boy turned his silk covered eyes to Katrina "anyone who defines me must go"

"Y-your mad!" Fredrick choked out and tried to kick him but missed.

Daren looked at him as if seeing him for the first time. "Oh, I almost forgot about you."

"I-I'm going to rip you apart, you foul monster!" Fredrick struggled with no avail.

"Well, well, you seem eager to participate in our demonstration." Daren said, smirking, and started to raise his knife.

"Don't!" Katrina screamed, her voice shrill.

Daren grinned at her. "Why not? This one's live, an even better example for our demonstration." He paused, watching Katrina's desperation with a sneer "Besides, what can you do about it? Without seeing you, you have no influence over me anymore!"

Katrina tried to quench her dread and thought hard. She must divert Daren's attention away from Fredrick. She huffed, "Y-you call yourself clever walking around like some drunk fool playing a childish game?" She jeered, "You're nothing but a mad drunk!"

Daren stopped grinning; he threw Fredrick aside like a rag doll. He faced the daring girl. "What did you say to me?" He seethed dangerously.

She ignored the question and jabbed on, bolder now that Fredrick was at least out of harm's way at the moment. "Why don't you at least fight me with your eyes open? Who knew such a great Lord is frightened at the sight of a little girl! What would your father say?" She laughed haughtily in his face

All sarcasm was gone from him now, and a fiery green orb lit up in his right palm, the green light casting ominous shadows that danced around the room. "Foolish girl" he roared, advancing towards Katrina. "Don't think of yourself too highly just because you caught me off guard last night." He spat on the ground, "I had underestimated your ability! I did not think my old self could overpower me when it came to hurting his precious girl" He snarled the last words at her. "But no more!" he bellowed triumphantly in her face, "without seeing you, I can kill you with whatever painful and slow method I find satisfying, and no one can stop me this time"

She shivered involuntarily by the touch of his icy breath on her neck.

"What are you going to do now, girl?" He chuckled; bringing the burning green orb close to her face.

Katrina ignored the scorching pain on the side of her face and tightened her fist, feeling the reassured hardness of the dagger still in her hand. She pulled at it, but it was stuck in folds of fabric from both herself and Daren's clothes. She pulled hard this time, and it caught Daren's attention. He looked down just in time to see the dagger free itself. Quick as wink, he caught her wrist and slammed it into the wall just above her head. His body was leaning against her from the effort, pinning her into the wall with his face inches away from hers. "You won't trick me again, girl, this is your end" He whispered I her ear.

With her weapon gone, she knew she was powerless. Every limb was immobile, and yet….she met his lips. They were ice cold, but very slowly; warmth flowed into them as if coming to life. She felt his lips kiss back as the crushing pain on her wrist subsided and his body gently pressed against hers. Her hands came free and one of them reached behind Daren and caught his blindfold. Daren pulled away from her as it fell away from his eyes.

His eyes were soft and teary as he gazed at Katrina.

She extended a gentle hand and brushed away his tears. "It's been years since you last cried Daren" She chuckled warmly.

He smiled back at her, but it was a painful smile full of sorrow and regret. "I'm sorry Katrina, I can't" He eyes pleaded with hers.

She held his gaze for a long time then looked away, understanding, but broken. Crouching down, she retrieved her dagger and held it in front of her.

At a loss, Daren looked at the weapon in her hands. "Must a dagger always stand between us?" He sighed deeply to himself, but anger suddenly griped him at the unfairness of it all. "Then so be it!" Gripping Katrina's hands, he pulled the dagger into himself.

Katrina gasped and tried to let go, but his hands were clamped around hers. "Daren!" She screamed, as his body slumped against hers and his hands softened. She quickly pulled her hands away from the dagger, but knew it was too late. She had felt the blood oozing from the wound, and onto her hand. She wished all of this was a bad dream. That it would all go away. That this was not the end. But Daren's weight gave way and he slipped to the ground.

Katrina crouched down by him, holding him tightly in her arms as if that could stop the life draining out of him.

With blurry eyes, Daren saw the tears in her eyes and reached out a shaking hand to touch her cheek. "Katrina…It's going to be alright," He said weakly. "Tomorrow the sun will shine again and all this will just be history"

But hearing those familiar words which had comforted her so long ago only heightened her despair.

"…I've never told you this, but… I've always loved you."

"Me too" She choked out, trying to smile.

He smiled her favorite smile, and it was as if the whole world had stopped just for that moment. "Live a good long life, Katrina, and someday we'll meet again in God's palace…I-I'm sorry…. I…made you cry…" His hand fell away from her cheek and she watched hopelessly as the dim light in Daren's glassy eyes, like that of the little bottle, slowly loose its brightness.

Out in the castle grounds, a group of marching soldiers suddenly stopped in their tracks. They stood dazed in their positions for a while, as if being woken from a dream. And in their confusion, they did not notice the red eyed raven disappearing into the night, or the crows that had became dry leaves and swept away by the wind.


For those of you that are reading this, thanks for staying loyal to my story all the way to the end. I know I've had some pretty drawn out writer blocks, but I never thought of giving up on this story. I started this in grade 10, when my boyfriend left me. After that day, it was as if he didn't even know me anymore. And although he still looked the same, he was a totally different person to me. It just didn't make sense to me that the once loving guy I always knew could turn away and not recognize me anymore, and so I thought of him as having 2 sides, with the loving side somehow just…gone. I used to wish for his loving side to return all the time because I felt so dreadfully lonely. So, from that idea, I created Daren as my ex, and Katrina as me. I used my boyfriend's 'loving side' plus a bit of other characteristics I like in a guy to write Daren's good side. For Daren's bad side, I thought of merciless villains in movies, books, etc. Katrina is naturally me. I put myself in her place and let her say the things I would say. Although you would probably not recognize me from reading about Katrina because I'm a pretty cheerful person now, my world was very bleak back in those days. I did cry writing this story. Some scenes relied heavily on those bitter memories of my ex, and it was sad reliving them to capture the feelings I felt when I was writing about Katrina's feelings. But it's interesting looking back at the things I've accomplished because of my heartbreak. Because of it, and the grief it gave me, I was able to use it to push myself to do many other courageously expressive things I wouldn't have done had it not been my sorrow. So here's my blunt message to you: if you're ever in an emotional situation, use your grief as a motivator to fuel your determination to accomplish something great (but you must pick something harmless! It is best if it's also productive and relives your stress: like music, art, literature, sports)

One reason my writer's block came more and more often and got longer and longer is because I was recovering from him. As I got better, my inspiration (which was fueled by my pain) lessened. This is one reason why chapter 5 was so bad (since my inspiration was poorly fueled). I went out with a new guy when I wrote chapter 5…and the chapter turned out uneventful, boring, and funnier than necessary. Chapter 5 was supposed to be Katrina and my own description of our dire times, when days just dragged on and life had no purpose or direction. But I couldn't write that when there was someone new in my life, when I was feeling happy and hopeful again. And then he left me…so the story returns to its proper grim state…but don't forget I was steadily recovering from that too, so that added to the lag.