I plucked too many
flowers from the garden and
threw them on the ground

even though it had
taken me two long weeks to
stick the stupid seeds

back in the Earth so
that no one would notice how
my garden has not

really been growing
for almost five long years. And
I swear I've tried to

keep it going but
sometimes flowers don't grow the
way I want them to

and I figure that
I should just take away the
ones that give me so

trouble because then
the rest of the garden
would grow back just fine.

but like with my chips
I can't just stop at one and
I keep on plucking

and plucking because
those damn flowers are oh so
tantalizing, and

I keep on pulling
and pulling them out of the
ground until the sun

comes out to remind
me that it takes a seed weeks
and weeks to blossom

into a flower,
but only five minutes to
destroy a garden.

a/n: yayyy haikus. obviously not one of my best works, but it's all good. I've been meaning to write for weeks and then this idea just popped into my head, and who needs the scarlet letter, anyway? review if you'd like. :) (please?)