They say that a vampire dies if exposed to sunlight. I suppose that is true, although vampires do not perish in a spectacular burst of flame like the stories say. (It would be quite hazardous for the vampire community at large if everyone were so spontaneously combustible.) Oh no. The reality is quite different.

Imagine for a moment that after centuries of hiding away in the cold dark of the subterranean caves that wind their way through the bowels of the earth, you come upon an exit to the world outside. It is night, and the stars shine brightly down upon you, a sight you have not seen for many lifetimes. You forget yourself while gazing at those fiery spheres, your mind wandering to the half-forgotten years spent living with your kin upon the face of the earth. Suddenly, a bright, blazing light appears from nowhere. Its intensity blinds you, burning your darkness-adjusted eyes. The agony goes on until you think you would either die or go mad, until it eventually fades away.

When you open your eyes again, it is as if you have been sent to heaven. The colors surround and overwhelm, the birds sing raucously their morning songs, and the sun gently kisses you with warmth. Never again will you be content with the darkness - forever will you be doomed to seek the light. Rife with grief at every sunset; fearful, hateful of the dark of night; the strain of these emotions will their toll, and eventually, you grow weaker, greyer, transformed into a sunken bag of bones, old.

And then you die.