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Time Frame: Mid-October, about four months after Chain Reaction

The Interview

Tria watched his lover struggle to stay awake, snuggled against him as he was. The two of them had come to the diner seeking a little time for just the two of them, away from all those vying for Addison's attention. Addison, however, was exhausted, so Tria had given up trying to keep him awake, and just enjoyed the time with his lover instead.

He glanced up when he heard the door open, but returned his attention to Addison when he didn't recognize the man. Addison murmured something and curled closer to him, fingers of his left hand intertwining with those of Tria's right.

Tria nearly jumped out of his skin when someone tapped him on the shoulder, and he glared at the man seated in the booth beside theirs. He had turned around to look at Tria, who was leaning against the wall with Addison sprawled across most of his lap.

"Yes?" he asked after a moment when the man said nothing. The man seemed to shake himself, and flushed slightly.

"You're Tria Montrose," he said quietly, glancing at Addison.

Tria sighed but nodded. "What of it?"

"Which means that the person sprawled so adorably across your lap is Addison Parker."

He rolled his eyes. "You're a smart one, indeed. What do you want?"

"I'm Michael Turner, and I write for a small gay/lesbian magazine here in New York."

He knew where this was going already. "Listen, that's awesome and everything but—"

"Hear me out?" he said, quirking a brow. When Tria jerked his head once, he grinned. "I want to do a piece on you two, not about Addison's career or anything, but your relationship. I know that Addison doesn't speak with his parents anymore, that they disowned him when he came out with you, and I think your story would empower a lot of people in positions where they have to choose between a lover and their families, giving them the courage to make the right decision if they're in a relationship they think will last."

Tria stared at him for several seconds, mildly surprised. The two of them had done a few interviews already, but most of them had centered on Addison, and how his career affected their relationship. They'd both heavily edited their stories, because the magazines were widely published, and they'd been unsure how it would affect Addison's company. Now, when things had cooled down somewhat, it would be interesting to see what would happen.

"All right," Tria said slowly, nodding towards the seat across from him. Michael eagerly moved, sliding into the booth. Tria carefully nudged Addison awake, quietly telling him about what they'd been asked. Addison, though he looked half asleep, seemed to seriously consider the request before coming to the same conclusions Tria had. He turned to face the man, but stayed in Tria's lap, not that Tria had a problem with that.

Michael had a notebook out, and a tape recorder on the table between them. He pressed the play button, and then smiled at them. "This is Michael Turner, interviewing Addison Parker and Tria Montrose.

"How old are you both?" he asked, diving right into the questions.

"Twenty one," Tria said with a small smile. "My birthday is January seventh, and I'm sure you know Addison's already."

"The thirteenth of June," Michael said with a nod. "How did you two meet?"

"We met at a party," Addison answered with a yawn. "I was on the balcony off one of the bedrooms in Jamison Foster's house. Tria came out too, because he thought it was empty."

"I thought about flirting with you then," Tria said, glancing at Addison. "But I thought you were straight, and didn't want to lose my only chance to get to you know you."

"I thought you were straight too. I lamented it the first time I saw you, when Claire told me about your reputation."

Tria rolled his eyes. "Teb was bored over the summer, and he wanted to make sure we could get into any party we wanted. What better way than to make us into babe magnets?"

"Well I know that now," Addison said with a sleepy laugh. "But at the time I sighed and was just glad there was some decent eye candy."

Tria laughed as well, hugging Addison closer to him. Michael smiled slightly at the sight of them, and then raised a brow, slightly asking if he could continue. At Tria's nods, he asked, "How long have you two been together?"

"Four years this December," Addison said, snuggling into Tria's chest. "Skate park," he mumbled.

Tria flushed remembering that particular event. "I'm glad I came prepared," he murmured back, ignoring the chuckle he heard from Michael.

"How did you get together?"

"He needed someone to take sport shots of," Tria answered. "He's always liked photography, as I'm sure you know, and I was the one who showed up for them. We were talking and he… got this look on his face," Tria said slowly, "and I just kissed him. It was really light, barely a peck, but—"

"It changed everything," Addison finished. Tria nodded.

"Who said the L word first?"

"Addison," Tria said immediately. "But I said it soon after."

"He was too much of a chicken to say it before me," Addison insisted, yawning again. Tria rolled his eyes, but said nothing.

"When did you know this wasn't a passing fancy? That you wanted to partners, not just lovers?"

"When we got back together after Tria broke up with me." Addison glanced up at Tria, who nodded, and then continued. "He broke up with me because I wanted to go public with our relationship. It was in May of our senior year. He found out my parents would disinherit me if they found out I was gay, and he didn't want me to sacrifice everything for him. So he broke up with me."

"But I realized what an idiot I was being, after Claire… ah… spoke to me about it. And I went to talk to Addison, and we decided to wait."

"He said that, when I turned twenty one, we'd tell the world," Addison whispered with a smile.

"And we did."

Michael nodded, scribbling away madly in his notebook. "Is there anything that Addison could ever do to make you want to end things? Anything he could do that would make you stop loving him Tria?"

Tria shook his head. "No, ever."


"No. In my eyes, Tria is perfect, and he can do no wrong."

"Do you think it's worth it?" At Addison's quizzical look, Michael continued. "Is your relationship with Tria worth more than the relationship you gave up with your parents?"

Addison looked up at Tria and nodded once. "I love him," he said simply.

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