Wars of the Night

BY: Genevieve Harris

VII. Note

On the day I lost my last sliver of hope – I almost gave in to the beatings. But I remained strong despite my despair. And that night, something happened.

A few moments after I was returned roughly to my dank and horrible cell and I lay down crying on the floor by the window, I heard something – someone maybe – at the window on the street and something fell on my stomach.

"What -?" I gasped quietly, and saw through the darkness, and scroll of parchment with a silver star imprinted on it.

"Who's there?" I asked, quietly still, and straightened up and looked out the window, but saw no one, and heard nothing – not a sound.

Then, a male voice that was strangely, impossibly familiar, but I couldn't place a face or name, answered my question.

"Your rekindled hope, Princess," I gasped and he continued. "Read and be comforted this night. Write below the message from your city, and I will be back tomorrow if possible to retrieve it. Remain strong, all will be well."

There was sounds of retreating footsteps, and I called, and bit louder,

"Wait! Who – are you?"

"My name in your language means 'hope' so that's what I call myself in secret. But, you know me.

"D-David?" I gasped. "No. It cannot be." And I clutched the scroll tight to my breast, my heart thumping erratically.

And I slowly pulled it open and read in disbelief.

Our darling daughter,

Be comforted. You will be saved; your Savior will make it so. Do not fear: the storm is almost past. We fear for you every day, and terrify ourselves, when we imagine the terrible things you are going through; we know of the punishments and torture our citizens are subject to under Larkine's wrath.

Saved you will be, and you will soon be once again in your city, where you belong, and are sorely missed by all. Don't give up; the man who calls himself 'Hope' will be the hope you need.

Your Mother and Father

By the end of the message I was in silent tears of joy. And my hope was rekindled, and I had my faith again. I would remain strong, no matter what. I can endure all that comes my way. I am a princess, and a princess always remains loyal to the very end for her people. I will not let my people down. They will be saved.