1Chapter 1: Sunny California?

Well, here I was, California. Who knew it was so... what's the word? Oh, yeah, wet. Of course I would arrive on the one day that would pour rain. I ran to the luggage room and grabbed my three suitcases. Then I found out I had to find a cart to put them on. By the time I got outside to grab a cab, the rain preceded to get worse. Well, at least I was away from home, though I did miss everyone. I pulled out my phone to call them. Ring one, ring two, ring three...

"Aaron? How was the trip? Are you okay? Are you at my parent's house yet? Are you hungry? Why aren't you answering me? You're sick aren't you? Oh, I shouldn't have let you go! That's it, you are coming home now! Get on the next plane this instant," My Mom started, trust me, she was nowhere near done.

"Honey, give me the phone, you're being hysterical..."I heard my Dad try to say.

"I'M being hysterical? My baby is on the other side of the continent! He's in CALIFORNIA!! He should be home! With me! So I can make him soup!" She shouted at my Dad, then she said to me, "Would you like that sweetheart? Chicken noodle soup? That's your favorite, right? How about you hop onto the next plane and I'll make you dinner! With all your favorites!"

The cabbie was staring at me as I held the phone a foot away from my ear.

"First time away from home huh?" I nodded, "Just tell them your fine and you're going through a tunnel, that's what I did."

"She's just worrying, it's ok," I said as I put the phone back in my ear.

"No, you're UNDERREACTING!!!!" I heard my Mom scream.

"Mom! Listen I'm..." I started to say, before I was interrupted again.

"Where are you? Honey! OH MY GOD!!! You're hurt! Get on the next plane now!! I'll take care of you!" She started saying.

"Mom, Aaron's almost seventeen. He'll be fine," Jeanna said.

'"He can't even drive! Honey, do you want to come home?" My Mom wasn't going to stop any time soon I realized sadly.

"Mom, I'm fine." She didn't hear it though, she went on about me coming home. I grabbed a candy from my pocket and popped it in my mouth.

'Mom?" I crumpled the wrapper near the receiver, "Mom? I'm going through a tunnel. Can't...hear" I hung up and put my phone on silent.

"Told you it would work," the cabbie said, smiling.

Grandma and Grandpa's place was nice. It reminded me a bit of my house, except it was in California. I went up to the door and rang the doorbell. It opened instantly. There stood my grandma in sweats. She had green eyes and brown hair. One look and you think of nice old women. Well you would be thinking wrong. My grandma was the one that threatened a police officer when Lily got lost. She wandered off to get cotton candy. The police officer quit and became librarian.

"Finally, come in, come in." She took my suitcases and ushered me in. The house was nothing you would expect it to be. It was very modern, not a usual old person home.

"Hi, grandma, thanks for letting me stay with you and grandpa.," I said to her.

"Oh, it's no problem at all dear. We're only too happy to have you over," she said to me, then turned her head to the hallway, "Tell her Aaron just arrived and is too tired to talk. No, wait, give me the phone, I'll tell her." She walked into the hallway with a quick 'be right back'.

"Hello Aaron, how are you?" My Grandpa asked when he arrived. He was the scary, buff, old guy who kind of scares you. But he's really the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Why he got with grandma, I'll never know.

"Good, what's going on?" I asked, he chuckled lightly.

"Oh, your mother, she's worried sick. You know her. Well, how was the trip over?" Before I could get into it, my grandma came back into the room with the phone.

"She insists on hearing your voice to make sure you're alive," she handed me the phone.

"Hi Mom," I started, until grandma took the phone away from me again.

"There, you heard his voice," she stopped as she listened to my mom say something, "No you listen, you have been calling us for hours. We know you're worried and scared, but Aaron is tired. He's fine, I'll get food in him and then he's off to bed. You should see him, he's as skinny as a stick! What have you been feeding him? And look at how pale he is, has he even been in the sun before?" More listening, "Listen to me, I will have Aaron call you TOMORROW morning, until then, get some rest. Good night!" She clicked off the phone. What can I say, my grandma's a bitch.

"Um, well, I'll go start unpacking," I said, picking up my luggage.

"No you don't, now I cooked a nice meal for you, we are going to eat it together. Aaron go set the table, George, go and bring Aaron's things upstairs." With that grandma went into the kitchen.

"Now," Grandma started when everything was set, "How was your flight?" I explained it, leaving out the part about mom and the cab driver. So it pretty much consisted of, 'It was kind of bumpy at times, but I don't really remember. I was asleep most of the time.'

"That's pretty interesting," my grandpa said nicely. I smiled at him.

"Well, Aaron, while you're here, let me set the ground rules for you," my grandma started, "I know back at home your mother and father let you do as you will because you faded into the background. Well that is Not happening here, understand? You will be home everyday on the weekdays by ten, on the weekends by twelve. You will not drink, do drugs or any of those things. You will have at least a B average on every report card and you will NOT ever have ANY person here unsupervised, understand?" She glared at me menacingly. I nodded fearfully.

After dinner was over, I went directly to bed, I was so exhausted and thinking about school tomorrow didn't make anything better. I curled up in my bed and hoped that this school would be better then my last.