Chapter 3: The Helpful Jock?

I chose a seat in the back of the class in hopes that I would fade into the background. You know that thing teachers make you do when you're the new student? You stand up and say some things about yourself, I was trying to avoid that. What was I supposed to say? Hi, I'm Aaron Fuller, I'm in like (it's nowhere near strong or soon enough to be called love) with a pop superstar who happens to be male. Yes, I'm gay and that's why I'm here. I hear California's more accepting of people of the homosexual persuasion. Oh, and my favorite color is blue. Yeah, not gonna happen.

"Hello class," the balding middle aged man said as he walked in.

"Mmph," the class answered back. The man didn't seem to mind as he pulled some files from his suitcase.

"Well, I see here that we have a new student. Aaron Fuller, why don't you stand up and introduce yourself?" the man, who I could only assume was the teacher, said. Well, there goes my whole hiding in the back of the class plan. I stood up, wracking my brain for things to say.

"Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm from Pennsylvania. I have an older sister named Jeanna and a little sister named Lily. I live with my grandparents. Er, I like hats and-"

"Yes, now class be sure to be nice to Aaron. Imagine if you were in his shoes blah blah blah. If I even smell a hint of bullying I will give everyone three times the homework I usually do. Understood?" The teacher asked. I didn't know how to respond to that. First he cut me off, then he half-assed the whole 'if you were in his shoes' lecture and then he defended me? I had an odd feeling about this teacher.

"Yes, Mr. Richards," the class said. He nodded before launching into a lesson about mirrors and how light reflects on them.

After AP Physics all my other classes were boring. I had to introduce myself in all of them and by the last period my speech became this.

"Hi, I'm Aaron, I like hats." Then I would sit down and the 'if you were in his shoes' spiel began. I was happy when the day was over, though a little sad that I didn't make any friends.

"Hi there!" Someone said to me as I walked toward the bus. I jumped a foot in the air as I waved my arms around like a buffoon.

"HOLY CRAP! Why would you do that?" I asked the 'scarer' only to realize he was the same guy from earlier. 'Out of my league' dude.

"Sorry, just wanted to know if you wanted a ride home? Because I have a-"

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I interrupted. The first time we talked he just didn't recognize me so it was understandable, the second time we talked he wanted to rub the fact that he figured out who I was in my face ergo also understandable. But now he had nothing to gain. I was kinda suspicious.

"Is it a crime to be nice to the new kid? You can trust me you know. I'm not gonna leave you stranded somewhere for laughs or something like that," Cute blond man said. Though those were the thoughts currently going around in my head I tried not to let it show.

"I only trust you as far as I can throw you," I said, "and that's not far at all. I'd probably drop you actually."

"Are you trying to say I'm fat?" He asked. Damn, cute and funny! Why did he have to be so suspicious and why did I have to be still kinda in like with Bryce. Was it ok to be in like with more than one person at a time? I wish Lauren was here.

"I'm gonna miss my bus," I said. And with that the bus zoomed past. Without stopping. I hate busses.

"You never answered my question," I said as Jake (Cute blond guy's name) pulled out of his parking spot. He had a Porsche, not the most expensive car on the lot, but still.

"Why would I scare you? Because it's fun," Jake said. I scowled.

"You know that's not the question I meant. Why are you being nice to me?" I asked. Jake's smile dropped as he came to a red light.

"I know what it's like to be a new kid. I survived because I was smart, cute, charming and athletic. You're smart, and that's kind of it. So you're kind of screwed." Didn't someone think a bit too much about themselves?

"Wow, thanks for that. My self-esteem. Thought the roof right now, really." I looked out the window. When it wasn't raining, California was too sunny. Nowhere needed this much sun.

"You should come to the party with me on Saturday, make some friends. It would be good for you," Jake said as he parked outside my house. I knew he was right, but I hated pity. Which is what this was, pure pity. A giant pity party. I sighed dishearteningly, still pity was better than nothing. I didn't want to be friendless again. I guess I had to take what I could get.

"Yeah, I guess," I mumbled before opening my door. Jake reached over and ruffled my hair.

"That's a good boy!" He cooed.

"I'm not a dog!" I shouted after I slammed the door shut. He gave me the cockiest smile in history before driving away. After he was gone I unlocked the house door and walked in.

"Hello I'm home!" I shouted. I didn't hear anyone. As I walked in farther I noticed a note taped to the fridge.

Aaron, there's pasta in the fridge. Eat up, you're deploringly skinny. Your grandfather and I are at Bingo. If I win we'll go out for dinner. If I lose, your grandfather will take us out to dinner to make me feel better. So where do you want to go? Call me when you get home.


P.S: I said call. None of this texting business.

I sighed, this was just like Grandma. I wasn't in the mood for thinking about dinner yet, so I decided to call her after I ate my pasta and organized my thoughts.

I thought about Jake and how cute he was. I thought about Bryce and how he was my first crush (on a guy), I thought about Lauren and how she was my first friend. I thought about Bradley and how he had been my first normal (guy) friend. I thought until my brain hurt so bad I had to take two Advil just to stop the incessant throbbing. Then I went to bed.

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