Did you know

I loved you

Right up until

You broke my heart

And left me alone

Rotting in the dark

Did you know

Before that day

I forgave you for all our fights

No matter how much

They hurt me inside

Did you know

In this world

There aint a lot of people

Who are willing

To hold on to someone

No matter how much

They get hurt by them


But I held onto you

Though everybody told me

You were a worthless fool

You coulda proved em wrong

But you being you

Just had to prove em right

Did you know

I loved you

Right up until the day

You laughed at my wounds

And told me to go away

Don't say sorry now

For that its way to late

You've made yourself a debt

That you can never repay


Did you know

That when all this started

If youd just said sorry

Then we would never have been parted

But instead you laughed

And told me my gaping wound

Was just a small scratch


(fading out)