The span of time
Devoted to memory
Drastically slashed as
Years go by
A pause for reflection...
Near extinct thing.

So take a good moment
And let it
Return in full.
Bring you back.

Manipulate the clock
Turn it back
And ignore its bind.
Fly through infinite space
Until you're back again
To that time you lost...
See it return.
Feel it again and know.

Before the pain occurred,
And skies turned grey,
Before the tears erupted
And rained down on the earth
In streams of agony's reign.
Thunderous roars of rage—
The cause of anger you don't
Recall; it flashed like lightning.
Remember. It fades with time.

The happy days of long ago
They'll never go away.
Bring memories to the present.
Never let them go.

Reflect on memories.