When They Just Know

When something gets on his mind
And before he has the chance
To let it wreak its havoc,
There she is to make it okay.

When she just can't shake off
An awful image in a dream
That threatens to torment relentless,
There he is to chase it away.

When he feels uncertain and
A barrier stands directly in the way
Promising to keep him from moving,
There she is to help him cross it.

When she's undergoing trouble
That continues to weigh her down,
Just before she's about to drown
There he is to pull her to the surface.

When everything seems to be going wrong
And falling apart right at the seams
The ground crumbling rapidly with
No net below to ensure a safe landing...

When everybody seems to turn their back
And enemies are more numerous than friends
Nobody cares to think about another's feelings
And instead shrug it off as beyond their concern...

When the demons of fear come out from the dark
And tease and torture in the night...
Gathering in numbers by the cover of unlit sky
Laughing and taunting with vile, malevolent grins...

When everything's fallen into utter chaos...

There they are,
A pair that radiates a golden light
That surrounds them in
An eternal warmth
That could never be taken away.

There they are,
A pair that braces in times of despair
Holding on tight to one another
Refusing to let go
Never willing to give in.

There they are,
A pair that has their moments
Temporarily warring with one another
But always declaring a truce
And returning to peace,
Knowing there's always better days...

There they are,
A pair that finds joy in nothingness
Making their own amusements
Out of simply being in joined company
Shattering through the darkness
And destroying any barriers.

There they are,
A pair who doesn't have to say a word
To get their feelings across
Because they can feel it down deep
In a special connection that
Only they can share.

They have achieved the truest love
When words are spoken with the eyes
When emotions are felt with both hearts
When thoughts have become almost telepathic...

It cannot be described,
The amazing connection they share
It's impossible to ask them to explain,
When simply...
They just know.