The sand just east of the village glistened in the moonlight, and the wind sent swirls of diamonds around Seth. He closed his eyes and breathed in the cold night air. No matter how long he was on this earth, he never tired of the sight.

"May I join you?" a voice from behind spoke low, yet had a feminine air. Seth grinned, fangs gleaming as he turned to Sanura.

"My darling," he brushed a stray hair from her face. "Have I ever stopped you before?" He embraced her, and they looked out over the rolling dunes. Sanura feigned a puzzled look.

"Aren't you going to give me your usual speech of the night, my love?" she chuckled. Seth pretended to be taken aback by such a comment, but his true feelings shone through his smile.

"You shouldn't make fun, I mean every word I say! But if it's what you want…." Sanura laughed as Seth delved into his nightly oration. "Look at it, my dear, have you ever seen such a sight? The desert is ours. Each dune is a mountain of treasure, glittering in the moonlight. The wind is our carriage, and all of Egypt is ours to control. We own the night, my love, and that will never change." He kissed her forehead delicately. "This is where we met you know…"

"You remind me every night," pleaded Sanura. "You tricked me and lied to me, and when the time came to take me and leave me, you did not have the heart to do so… you fell in love with me, and I you." She buried her head under his chin, half searching for a heartbeat. "I was so angry with you, at first.. but you told me everything. I still loved you. and I asked to be one with you. I wanted to be what you were… what you are. You didn't want me to. You said you loved me too much, but I begged. You knew I would die either way. I have been all yours ever since." Sanura smiled and hugged Seth. He laughed.

"See? You don't need me to tell the story. You know it by heart. And how long has it been since that night?" Seth ran his fingernails along Sanura's arm. She closed her eyes and smiled.

"Two full moons, once this one reaches it's peak."

"And your eyes are even more beautiful still." Sanura looked up into Seth's eyes. Her 's were slowly fading from their living brown to a deep burgundy. "My dear fledgling, I love you more and more with each coming night." With a fierce smile, he bore his fangs deep into her throat in an elegant and agonizing display. Sanura screamed, which strangely didn't pierce the ears like a shriek of terror, but more of a high note, which swam with the clouds and the wind, and sent tremors through the sand dunes. Blood dripped from her neck as Seth pulled away, which she quickly brushed away with her fingers. She licked her fingers nonchalantly, and snaked her fingers with Seth's once more.

Time passed, and Seth reveled in the joy his fledgling beloved brought him. She was his only fledgling, the only vampire he had ever created. How could he know, then, that she would not drink from mortals willingly? Seth delighted in Sanura's blood, never knowing it was not blood of mortals that sustained her, but blood he had given to her from himself to drink? Seth did not know, and had long since forgotten what it was to be a young vampire. He rarely offered his veins to her, but drank from her freely. Sanura grew silently resentful. Strong hearted and stubborn, she continued on as though nothing was wrong, until she could no more. That night, Seth was disturbed by the horrified screams of villagers.

Seth ran from the sheltered ruins where he dwelled, only to find himself caught in a torrent of frightened people, all running from a specific place. He ran against the current of the crowd, fighting them back with all his strength. At the source of the horror, he found bodies strewn about the sand and deep pools and rivers of blood, black in the dark; trails of it leading to a figure stooped over another lifeless body. Seth approached, horrified at the massacre of people. It looked like the work of a vampire, but Egyptian vampires very rarely hunted masses of people at a time. On the contrary, they only took what was absolutely necessary. He kept caution, reluctant to fight. The other vampire's back was to Seth, but he still kept low, taking long quiet strides toward them. As he grew closer, he could tell that the mortal was still alive, but only just. Seth, now only two feet away, placed his hand on the shoulder of the other vampire. Suddenly, the figure whirled on him, biting his hand out of fear. The vampire's burgundy eyes gleamed brightly in the rising moon's light. It was a female. It was Sanura.

Sanura released him, and he drew back, cradling his wounded hand near his chest. He was in shock, half from the sudden bite, and half from the sight of a very ragged, wild-looking Sanura. She climbed to her feet, eyes darting frantically from side to side, fangs dripping black.

"S-Sanura?" Seth gasped. "What are you doing?! What is wrong with you?" He stepped toward her, but she moved back, one hand covering the bites that branded her.

"Don't you come near me Seth! You made me do this! I didn't want to hunt! I didn't want to take so many lives! I was weak, you fool, and you never gave me blood! Insolent master, you never cared for me! You only wished to drink from me, to use me. You only wanted my blood! I grew weaker still, and now I was forced to drink from so many! Damn you!" She bore her fangs at Seth, who's shock melted away into defense.

"Sanura, please," he pleaded. "I didn't know! You have such a strong will, Sanura, you never show weakness!"

"Such lies!" She cried. "You were selfish! My life, my love, it was never enough, you needed my blood too!" Suddenly, a new expression fell upon Sanura's face, one of realization. "I'm so hungry," she muttered. Seth then noticed the partially living mortal sprawled out on the ground. He moved for the person, but Sanura blocked him. "Must you always try to take life from me you wretched being?!" Her eyes glowed with anger.

"Sanura, I can't let you take so many mortal lives, we can only take what we need, and you've created a disaster, you need to stop this killing before there is an imbalance, you know that!"

"I don't care! I'm imbalanced! I need the food you've denied me, even if I have to take it from you!" Sanura screamed.

"You forget, Sanura. I created you. I can destroy you, and you will never rest." Seth had enough of Sanura's ignorance.

"You will not deny me!" with this, she lunged for him, teeth bared and eyes like fire. Her speed was remarkable. Blood had an affect on her like a child that consumed too many sweets. Seth dodged her just in time, crashing to the soft sand below. Sanura landed on all fours like a cat. She glared at him. Seth thought he saw flames in her eyes. She approached him, walking in elegant strides. "Why didn't you ever let me drink from you Seth? Why not just give me that little bit of nourishment, not even on our full moon," She grinned menacingly. "I so hoped we could hunt together." She kneeled beside him. "Oh but I do hate it when we fight. Kiss me?" with that she leaned over him, fangs bared and fierce. Seth bared his own out of instinct and bit furiously into Sanura. Once released, Sanura collapsed, blood spilling from her neck. Seth stood, breathing heavily.

"All I need to do is keep you here until sunrise, Sanura, which, if my senses are accurate, is only few minutes from now." Seth stared at Sanura, who was in a calm state of shock from the bite. Her face paled, but she was livid with resentment.

"I thought you loved me, now you're going to kill me. It was all a lie." A deep red tear trickled down her cheek. Seth never felt colder. The blood that flowed through him was thinned, and he fought back the pain. He still loved her. He stared deep into her.

"Yes, Sanura. I cannot risk this kind of tragedy again, not even for our love. You will die tonight. I'm sorry." Sanura closed her eyes and hummed a low melody. Choppy and discordant, the dancing notes slowly formed words. She sang and sang until Seth finally realized what she was singing.

"I'll haunt you, even in your dreams,

When the moon is full and the cat's fang gleams,

And if you try to run away,

Longer in your mind, I'll stay.

With this death, I'll still have life,

While in your heart you'll feel a knife

You kill me now and I'll live on,

Peace for you, forever gone."

Seth tried to block her song from his mind, but the more he tried to fight her singing, the more chaotic and frenzied it became. The music mixed with the wind, and time seemed to move faster and slower at the same time. The sun rose, almost as if someone had yanked it from the horizon. Sanura's song stopped at the first ray of sunlight. Seth, being older in years and more experienced, shielded his eyes and cloaked himself. He made his way away from the dawn towards the shadow of the ruins. Within seconds of screaming and writhing, Sanura was gone. Seth ran back to respectfully retrieve her body, and carried her to the shadows. He laid her down in the cool sand, her blood creating tiny rivers. Seth sobbed for his beloved.

"The power went to her head. She just kept attacking, she couldn't stop. The blood consumed her." A voice from behind startled him. He whirled around, ready to strike any intruder. There stood a woman, cloaked in black with green eyes and deep brown hair. Seth stood up straight, still on his guard.

"Who are you to say what her demise was? You are not our kind, I can sense it." Seth glared, but it didn't seem to phase the stranger.

"My name is Mau Ainsley, I am of the Eris Sand coven." She paused. "You really loved her, I see it in your eyes, in your mind." Mau kept direct eye contact with him, never faulting.

"Yes I did. But what does it matter now? She's gone forever." Seth sulked. Mau approached him cautiously, and placed a delicate hand on his shoulder.

"That may be so, but her soul is still alive. I can hear her still. I can make it so that you can communicate with her still," Mau whispered. Seth stood alert.

"What? How?" Mau pulled a silver ring from her cloak. In it were four sockets, where stones could be placed. Next, she revealed a small velvet bag, and emptied the contents into her hand. Four small red stones, which proved to be rubies, landed in the small of her palm. She handed the ring and the four rubies to Seth. He looked at her, a perplexed look on his face.

"Look at the points of the stones," she pointed to one of the rubies. Where the bottom point of a full faceted gem would be, these were hollowed out. "Fill each of those holes with a fresh drop of her blood." Seth did as he was told, and took 4 crimson drops of blood from Sanura's body. "Now, give me the ring," Mau chided. She was careful not to move too suddenly; she knew his power. Seth placed the ring carefully in Mau's palm.

"How is all of this going to help me talk to her?" Seth asked.

"You have an eternity to figure out all the rules, my dear." One by one, Mau took the filled rubies from Seth and set them into the ring. Seth noticed that she muttered something under her breath, but he couldn't quite hear the words. It sounded almost like a north-eastern language, a dialect of Latin. Suddenly, there was a bright light that seemed to come from the ring itself. Seth covered his ears as a loud, high-pitched sound pierced the air around him. He fell to the ground in agony, and fell unconscious within a minute. When he woke, Mau Ainsley was nowhere to be found, but the ring was in the sand right in front of him, glowing and glittering in the moonlight. He had somehow survived the light of day.