A Complete Stranger

Waiting for snow to fall

When you see the first snowfall you fall in love at that same time

A legend

Yet a tragedy will befall

Who do I love?

is it someone i know?

or is it a complete stranger?

If I see the first snowfall

a tragedy will come passing by

but what could happen?

many people saw the first snowfall

and fell in love

nothing happened

yet missing people increased

every year

there was at least someone who went missing

either the female

or the male

sometimes both

but then again they might not have went missing

it could of been death

i was crossing the street

snow fell

little white snowflakes


peace and loving

dancing in the wind

like theres no end

end to one's life

i was in the middle of the road

a car came towards my way

flashing lights


it went honking

i stood


eyes widened

i closed my eyes and felt

something move me

i was pushed to the side

i opened my eyes

and all i saw

was a car slamed into a pole

and a dead body

of the guy who saved


a complete stranger saved me

who would do that?

blood splattered everywhere

blood stains on his light brown hair

and his black coat


tears were leaking

i realised now

the first snowfall

he could be the one i liked

yet i dont know him

Comments from Author: Random i tell you. its like a drabble. har har~