Quick preface: Though not necessary to read, there are some references to the Adventures of Jeff Honkanheimi. Enjoy!

Chapter One

It was very early in the morning. Zephyr could tell by the way the sunlight was hitting the tree he had been sleeping in. It was early, and yet, he was awake. This situation confused him. That is, until he looked down. Zephyr was surprised to see Ben at the base of his tree. Ben had a handful of acorns in one hand and was using the other hand to throw the acorns at Zephyr.

"What the hell are you doing?" Zephyr grumbled lethargically. "Unless you have pancakes, leave me alone."

"Don't tell me you forgot about going to Six Flags?" Ben asked him incredulously.

Zephyr then felt conflicted. He really wanted to go back to sleep, but he also loved Six Flags. In the end, Zephyr's sense of adventure got the better of him, and he jumped down from his tree to join Ben on the ground. "Fine," he pouted. "Let's go to Six Flags. But they better have pancakes there."

Then, Zephyr looked around. Not seeing any type of transportation, he questioned, "How exactly are we getting to Six Flags?"

Ben shrugged. "We're right by the highway. I figure someone will pick us up if we try to hitchhike. It may not be very efficient, but it is free."

"I can't argue about something that's free," Zephyr agreed.

Eagerly, Zephyr and Ben set out on the highway, thumbs high in the air and thoughts only for their destination. For the first twenty or thirty minutes, they were so excited about the day ahead of them that they weren't even a bit discouraged that no one had even slowed down to consider picking them up. After an hour and a half, however, their hitchhiker's thumbs had started drooping, and by midday, they had all but abandoned hope.

"No one's ever gonna pick us up," Zephyr panted.

"There's an exit up here," Ben pointed out. "Maybe if we stopped and got something to eat, we would feel better and then we could walk some more."

Zephyr consented to this plan, and they headed for the KenTacoHut at the end of the exit. After they had eaten lunch and rested their feet, Ben and Zephyr felt as good as new, just as Ben had predicted they would. With a fresh sense of purpose, they set out back onto the highway and towards Six Flags. Again, their excitement was quick to wear off, and the sun was swiftly sinking deeper and deeper into the horizon.

It was late evening when an ominous looking black van with tinted windows pulled up to the duo and rolled down its windows. A man with a questionable appearance asked, "Where're you two headed?"

"We're going to Six Flags. Can you help us out?" Zephyr asked, sounding desperate.

"Sure," the man said. "Hop in." He was grinning to himself, laughing at some private joke.

Zephyr and Ben eagerly climbed into the back of the van and shut the door behind them. The van immediately took off, its tires squealing against the pavement. Zephyr and Ben turned to be greeted by three beefy men and one very sharp knife.

"Give us all you got," the beefiest of the three men demanded.

Hurriedly, Ben gave the men his wallet. Zephyr, however, did not get off so easily. Frantically, he reached in and out of the pockets of his cargo pants, trying to find something of worth to give the men. He turned out a half of a pancake and a spare set of goggles, but he couldn't find anything that would satisfy the jumpers.

"Hey, boss," the man holding the knife called to the driver of the van. "They don't got nothin' good. Let's jus' dump 'em."

Panic-stricken, Zephyr looked up at the driver. He looked familiar, but Zephyr couldn't remember how he knew him.

Abruptly, the van came to a stop. The beefy men grabbed Zephyr and Ben by the scruffs of their necks and threw them onto the ground. It was completely dark now, and it took a while for the boys to get their bearings. When they finally did realize where they were, their jaws dropped open.

"Well, this is an ironic twist of fate," Ben said dryly.

"I started assuming after they jumped us, they wouldn't take us to our desired destination, but I guess I assumed wrong," Zephyr sighed. "So, what do you wanna do?"

"I wanna go to bed. We'll figure everything else out tomorrow," Ben replied. Then, he lay down awkwardly on a bench outside the Six Flags ticket booths.

Zephyr and Ben slept peacefully, albeit a bit uncomfortably, on the benches for a few hours until a bright light woke them. "What're you doing? Get outta here," an angry voice shouted.

"Leave me alone. I wanna sleep s'more," Zephyr said in a groggy voice. Then, he realized the bright light that had awoken him was a flashlight beam and the angry sounding voice belonged to a park security officer. At this realization, he sat up and looked over his shoulder to see Ben unsteadily rising from his bench as well. They both walked toward the security guard, the anger from being woken up showing plainly in their faces.

"What's the problem, officer?" Ben sneered uncharacteristically.

"You two are loitering on Six Flags property. I'm going to have to ask you to leave the premises," the security guard replied sternly.

"No way!" Zephyr cried. "We didn't walk for hours and hours and fight off muggers just to be asked to 'leave the premises!'"

"Yeah," Ben said, agreeing with Zephyr. His disapproval of the officer was clear in his tone.

Together, the boys marched even closer to the entrance of the park. Zephyr purposely rammed his shoulder into the security officer. Immediately following that action, the guard pulled out a pair of previously unseen handcuffs and shackled Zephyr.

"Sir, you've just assaulted an officer. I'm taking you in."

Ben snorted. "Officer?" he laughed. "You're no officer, you're just a second rate security guard. Besides, where are you taking him in to, a shack behind the costume storage?"

Ben was wrong. The security office wasn't behind the costume storage; it was behind the petting zoo. There was barely enough room for all three of them in the tiny space, and they got to know each other well throughout the night.

"I'm Frank," the security guard said after a few tense moments of silence.

"Hey, Frank. I'm Ben," Ben introduced himself.

Even Zephyr grunted out the two syllables of his name semi-courteously.

"So, Frank, is this all you do, or do you have another security gig somewhere else part time?" Ben inquired politely.

"Nope, I'm here full time," Frank replied. "I'm even up for a promotion.

"Congratulations," Ben said. What position?"

"Daytime security. It even has full benefits," Frank beamed. "What about you? What do you guys do? Are you students?"

"Oh, no," Zephyr said, chiming in for the first time. "We don't have that kind of time. We're both busy with being full time figments of imagination."

"That sounds fascinating. How do you get that job?" Frank asked.

"It's complicated. You have to go through the 'big guy.'" Ben said pointing his thumb up to the sky.

"Interesting," Frank grunted.

Suddenly, the door to the security office swung open. A second security officer burst into the tiny room. "There's a possible lurker inside the park," he announced, as if this fact was the highlight of his evening. "We need some back up at the Tilt-A-Whirl."

Frank scrambled up from his seat and left with the other security guard, leaving Zephyr and Ben to their own devices. Ben immediately took the opportunity to root through Frank's desk.

"What are you doing?" Zephyr hissed.

Zephyr's question was answered when Ben produced a shiny silver ring of keys. "We're making a break for it," he grinned.

As quickly as he could, he fit keys into the handcuffs that were still around Zephyr's wrists, trying to find a match. At last, there was success, and Zephyr was free.

Ben and Zephyr ran from the security office and when they stopped they once again found themselves outside the entrance of the park.

"So," Ben panted, "Do you happen to know what time it is?"

Zephyr shuffled through the pockets of his cargo pants. Luckily, his pocket watch had not been among the items he had surrendered to the muggers. "It's almost five-thirty in the morning," he replied. More time had passed while they were in the security office than he'd thought.

"What do you want to do, then?" Ben asked.

"Let's go to Six Flags," Zephyr suggested. "It opens in a couple of hours, and I still have my money. We just got a day behind schedule."

In the hours before the park opened, the boys caught up on their sleep. Once the park employees began to arrive, Zephyr and Ben started to pull themselves together.

Zephyr rummaged through his pockets once again to find his wallet, and when he found it, his face paled. "Uh oh," he vocalized.

"What is 'uh oh?'' Ben asked worriedly.

Zephyr revealed the contents of his wallet, which were exclusively made up of a quarter, two dimes, and a gum wrapper. "I don't think that's enough cash to get us two tickets." Then, Zephyr began scanning the area and digging through bushes.

"What are you doing?" Ben inquired. "You look like an idiot."

"I'm looking for cash. Hundreds of people come here every day, right? At least a few of them are bound to lose some Andrew Jacksons," Zephyr replied.

"That's not a bad theory," Ben, mused, getting down on his hands and knees to look for bills as well.

The boys hadn't been searching for long when Zephyr shouted, "Jackpot! I got a wallet!"

Ben moved towards Zephyr to get a look at his find, and when Zephyr opened the wallet to see what was in it, his face lit up even more.

"Three twenties, some ones… Ooh, credit cards. Let's see who they belong to." Upon seeing the name, Zephyr's grin spread. "Even better. It belongs to my brother."

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