The Like Comparisons of a New Emotion

Like a magnet to a refrigerator, you pull me in.

Meeting you was nothing short of a chemical reaction.

It leaves me popsicle-frozen like a mental patient,

In a normalcy-deficient state of catatonic inaction.

My heart beats faster than a brand new space shuttle determinedly on its way to the moon.

Like a colorfully-inspired, yet defective M&M, I melt in your mouth, eyes and hands.

My knees turn to jelly at your every kiss, jalapeno flavored, because it burns.

And like an American pioneer, over-brimming with newfound hope, I want to stake my claim. You are my land.

Speaking straight up, like a dirty martini, extra olives (a violently strong one at that), you have me shaken and stirred.

Like an aggressively-spreading disease, reeking havoc on my immune system, my now heart-sick soul you did possess.

Like a bad case of progressive cataracts, how could I not see that this Houdini-magic was my illusion alone, and not at all yours?

Paper wings flutter from my stomach to my ribcage and on up…then the pretty butterflies die in my chest.