Chilly Cold Weather

Chilly cold weather,
Thy name is winter,
What is your true purpose,
To rage so for a quarter?

Are you a test sent to ensure
That only the strongest survive?
So that only your survivors may inherit
The Earth and its domains?

Or perhaps you're meant to slow down time,
To allow inhabitants to take a breath,
Let them take stock of where they are,
And where the roads they're creating will lead them.

Maybe you're meant to deprive us of your siblings,
So that we may appreciate what we have,
For it is well known that Man especially,
Take things for granted until it's lost to us.

But what if you're just a geographical manifestation?
An occurrence with no special reason for existence?
Chilly cold weather, you who visits once a year,
What is your part in the grand scheme of things?

– Finis –