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It was almost midnight by the time I had gotten to the cathedral, and a full moon shined down, lighting everything in an eerie sheen.

The place looked as if it had been abandoned for a hundred years or so, though I really wouldn't know.

I walked through the front gate, heading up the path leading towards the building. The whole front side was a big cemetery, so old that not all the headstones had names, and those that did were unintelligible.

I could see the woods that were creeping up on the cathedral from the back, though I doubted they would go much farther, since most of the land had died around this area.

The nearest town, Eldon, was about an hour away by car, so I did not have to worry too much about some regular civilian being caught up in this, and I would have time to do what I needed to do without being interrupted.

I finally reached the doors of the cathedral and tried to open them. They were locked.

I sighed. Wonderful. Just absolutely wonderful. Well, it was a big place, so there was most likely going to be another door around here somewhere.

With that thought in mind, I turned around, planning on going around to find one, when the opened, groaning in protestation, making dust fly.

Seems I was expected.

I thought even more so when I saw candles along the aisles were lit. At least I wouldn't be bugged about lying low, trying to plan some stupid surprise attack. I never was any good at those, due to the fact that I wasn't that patient.

I'm still alive though, so I don't think it matters too much. But then again, I've only been doing this hunting business for about three years now, and I started when I was eighteen.

I walked down the aisle, pulling my gun out of it's holster, turning the safety off and checking the mag, then holding it down at my side, ready to go.

I made it to the end of the room, prey nowhere to be found. There were doors off to either side, though there was a candle lit by one of the ones at my left, so I decided to go that way. Probably not the smartest idea, but I've had enough of this chase.

I went through the door, down a hallway lit by even more candles. At the end was a door that was already opened, which I walked through, and immediately knew it was a bad idea. There was a rotten stench in the air, and there was no light whatsoever. I could also hear things moving around. Probably rats.

My senses were going crazy, which meant the vampire I was chasing around here somewhere nearby. Now I had to figure out where.

"Your finally here," a voice called out, "Took you long enough," I quickly aimed my gun in the general direction the voice had come from, squinting to see where he was. Let's just say it didn't work out to well. It didn't bother me too much, since I'd be able to see soon, after my eyes adjusted. At least enough to see where to aim.

"No surprise, you're pretty good at running away." I explained. It was true; I'd been chasing the vampire practically across the whole country.

He went by the name Uriel Yelders and was very dangerous, if reports from other Hunters where anything to go by. I had been tracking him since an incident in California, where seven bodies had been found, drained of blood, all signs pointing to him.

"It comes with getting as old as I am." My eyes were getting more used to the dark, and I could see faint outlines. I already saw the vampire's eyes since they were glowing a sickly yellow, and he was about ten feet away from me.

"Yeah, I bet," I started circling, away from the door that had closed without me noticing. The vampire walked opposite me.

"Well, it seems I won't have to run much farther after this," I raised an eyebrow, doubting he noticed it, "Especially since you won't be chasing me for much longer. Or anyone else for that matter." I doubted he noticed my glare either.

I needed something to distract him, to get a clear shot at his most vital places. Even from this distance, he could still dodge a bullet, and the only way to kill a vampire, especially as old as he, was to shoot them in the head or heart with special bullets. Or stab them. Whichever is fine.

The vampire jumped forward quickly, and I shot at him, clipping him on the shoulder, though it didn't deter him in the least, and he landed in front of me.

I pulled a knife out of it's sheath on my belt, slashing at him, and he jumped back, and I tried shooting at him again, this time hitting him in the stomach. Thank God for being ambidextrous.

Uriel took a step back after the shot, and I took my chance, managing to hit him again, right in the heart. He screamed, the noise grating on my ears.

He fell on the ground, body wracking in what looked like immense pain. I couldn't see too well, but I knew his skin was starting to crack, and his body deteriorating, until it was nothing but an unidentifiable husk with clothing. Soon, in a few days, it would disappear, leaving only the clothes behind.

I sheathed my knife, leaving my gun out, just in case. And it was a good thing I did, because the lights flickered on, and I heard the door open.

My biggest mistake of the day was that I didn't completely look at the person before I fired.

A boy, maybe two or three years younger than me, eyes wide in surprise, blood gushing out of his stomach from where I had just shot him, fell over, gasping in pain.


The plot for this pretty much came to me in a dream, except in the dream, the main protagonist was a man that looked like Marilyn Monroe, girl parts and all- O.o, and the main antagonist was Dracula. And he could control lightening.

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