I woke up with a start, knowing someone had entered my room, but it was to dark to see. I laid in bed, and continued to act as if I was asleep, hoping that I could deceive him, and maybe he'd leave.

"I know you're awake." Well, there goes that plan. It sounded like Gage.

"Gage?" I asked, just to make sure, but instead of an answer, he moved the curtains, letting the light in.

"What're you doing?" Still no answer. Something seemed a bit off, but I couldn't figure out what.

Gage walked towards me, and I noticed that he was only wearing boxers. My eyes couldn't help but be drawn to his body.

I quickly looked away, but I knew he saw, because the next time I looked at his face, and he was smirking.

"What do you want?" I tried again, sitting up.

"You'll see," He said finally, before getting up on the bed.

My mouth went dry, and I was having trouble trying to say anything.

Especially when he straddled me.

"Gage-" was all I managed to get out, before he pressed his lips hard against mine.

I sat there for a full minute, looking like an idiot. Or at least about as much of one as I could with someone on top of me. Either way, my eyes were wide, and I was staring straight ahead, not even thinking about what the hell was going on. It had surprised me that much.

"Zach…" Gage pulled back, and tugged on my shirt, with a look that was kin to a pout. He crushed our lips together again, his fingers in my hair, where they tugged, before I finally began moving my lips against his. I knew I should've protested, pushed him away, but I just… didn't want to.

Gage seemed to like it when I began to kiss back, because he tilted his head just a bit more, to make it deeper. I put my hands on his hips, and began to rub small circles, barely even noticing what I was doing, to caught up when Gage pressed his tongue against my lips.

Gage moaned when I let his tongue in, and began to battle for dominance, which he was losing. I don't think he was even trying.

He made even more sounds, and I found that he was more excited then I originally thought, when he grinded his hips into mine, making me moan into his mouth this time.

"Gage…" He stopped the kiss, and tugged the bottom of my shirt up. I raised my arms, and soon it was off, to be thrown somewhere on the ground.

He pushed me down to where I was leaning back on my elbows, and scooted down, and tugged my pants off too.

I shivered when he crawled back up, and when he was full on me, I quickly rolled us over.

I started on his neck, my hands slowly making their way to his boxers, and slipping underneath.

Gage thrusted up into my hand when I grabbed hold of him, and began stroking slowly.

His panting got harsher the longer I kept it up, before I finally took my hand away, causing him to groan.

Before he had time to do anything about it, I quickly removed him of the rest of his clothes, and put my body on top of his, relishing the feel of our bodies touching with nothing in between.

I settled myself between his legs, and began grinding my hips into his, his body rocking with mine.

But there was something else I was wanting to do.

Gage seemed to have read my thoughts, because, before I knew it, I felt a cold, slick hand grabbing onto me. I moaned in ecstasy as Gage started to lube me up, and I began to thrust into his hand, loving the sensation.

Soon, he was done, giving a squeeze before he removed his hand, and his legs widened a little more.

I lifted up a little, and positioned myself, before looking at him.

"You ready?" I asked quietly, and he nodded, before I began to enter him.

"Wake up." I looked him, confused.


"Wake up, we need to get ready."

I quickly jerked awake, to see Gage standing by the bed.

Holy. Shit.

This was bad, this was really bad.

"We have to leave in another hour," He told me, before walking out the door, not before telling me to meet him in the kitchen when I was ready.

I really hope he didn't notice anything. It was also a good thing I was on my stomach, because there was an even smaller chance of him seeing anything.

Either way, I really needed a cold shower right now.

I'm not sure why I dreamt what I did. I'll just put it down to the Bond. Besides, I've had enough of being depressed.

I wasn't really sure what I need to ready, because I only had one pair of clothes, which magically appeared on the bed after I stepped out of the shower.

I was just really happy that they were actually mine. I hated wearing someone else's clothes. Besides, I knew Gary wouldn't have liked it if he had been here.

I walked down to the kitchen, to see Meredith and Gage talking about something, a sad look on both their faces. I couldn't hear what they were saying, and nor did I want to.

I made my presence known by knocking on the doorway, as I stood by it, making them both look up.

Meredith got up hurriedly, and walked past me, leaving me and Gage in an uncomfortable silence, before he suddenly stood up too.

"Lets get going." He said, before walking out, the same as his mother. I followed after him. There was a car waiting outside, and Gareth was in the drivers seat, waiting with that gruff look of his. He seemed more pissed off than usual.

Gary quickly took the front seat, forcing me in the back, which I was thankful for. The whole ride up to the airport was quiet as well, before I remembered something.

"I don't have a passport," I stated, and neither looked at me.

"It's been taken care of," Gareth grounded out after we had stopped in the airport parking area.


"Don't worry about it," Gage cut me off, getting out the car, and going to the trunk, before pulling something out. I was about to get out as well, when Gareth turned around, giving me a cold glare.

"Do anything to my son, and I will hunt you down, and skin you alive. Now get out." I quickly obeyed, and got out of the car, watching as the man drove off, leaving just me and Gage.

I noticed that Gage only had a bag, and I held my hand out for it. He looked shocked at my offer, but hey, we were going to be together for a little while, so might as well be nice to each other, right?

After a moment of staring at my hand, Gage finally passed the bag over. He handed something else along with it.

A passport. More specifically, my passport.

"How the hell…?" I looked it over in one hand, confused.

"Mom made it. She's good at those kinds of things." The way he said made it seem that she'd done it a lot, thought I suppose that's not completely impossible.

"Will this actually get me through?" I asked. I'd never even been to an airport before, let alone on a plane, so I didn't really even know how I would like flying. The highest I'd ever been was when, a few years ago, I was in a town that had a carnival, and I went, and got on the Ferris Wheel. It was boring, and I thought the thing was going to break down because the cart went back and forth, and creaked a lot. I don't think I'm going to enjoy flying that much, because at least the Ferris Wheel was on the ground.

"What do you think?" Gage said, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"About what?" I asked, not knowing what he was talking about.

"About the passport?" He replied, and I finally remembered.

"I'm not really sure what to think." I said honestly, as we walked inside the terminal, and I was beginning to get more nervous. I knew Gage saw it, but he decided not to say anything. I asked him what the plan was, and he, thankfully, replied.

"We're going to fly to Wiesbaden, and then go our way up to Uriel's place, outside of some town."

"Do you even know what the town is called?" I asked, calming down just a little. We still had a while to wait before we got on our flight.

"Not a clue."

I couldn't help but let out a laugh, Gage smiling a little as well. This was just great. We were going to fly across the ocean, only to go blindly to our next destination. Aren't we a pair?

We sat for I don't know how long, Gage looking around every now and then, before he yanked on my sleeve.

"Time to go." He told me, and I got up, following behind him, hoping, just a little, that my passport would be rejected or something.

This is sort of embarrassing, really.

I have never been on a plane in all my life. I've only ever been in an airport once, and that was because I was with someone who was picking someone up.