Summary: Felicity is a princess. When her parents are killed, three criminals adopt her as their guardian. But what happens if her guardians are the ones that killed her parents…

Arc: The Beginning Arc.

Chapter one: Child's Contrition

Number: 1.1

Bold- emphasis or yelling

Italics- daydream, flashback, and thoughts.

"Good night, Felicity," Her father, her guider, her protector, tucked her in to her bed. Felicity's blue eyes followed her father.

"Bye, dad," Felicity began to nuzzle her head against the pillow. Felicity was five years old. She had dark brunette hair that was waist long.

"C'mon Aaron, were near the house" The talker leaped to the side avoiding a tree.

"Be patient, Buru, Che." Aaron answered. Aaron was kid of medium-tall height. He had his white hair clouded his face. His clothes were all black; he had a black t-shirt, black pants, a black trench coat, and black boots. The word Che is kind of a trademark thing.

"Whatever, I do what I want," Buru was muscular, not hugely buff, but had enough mass to be recognized as powerful. He wore a short blue sleeveless shirt, and blue shorts.

"Both of you continue on, I'll look for an escape route incase they surprise us," A third male said.

"Yes, Shinku, be careful, Che." Aaron acknowledged Shinku's decision. Shinku was loner, a person that just traveled with them. He may look feminine but, when it came down to it, he was intimidating. He had long, raven-colored hair. Everything he wore was crimson, his favorite color. He had a crimson vest, crimson shorts, crimson boots, crimson fingerless gloves, and soulless, crimson eyes. Everything he owned was leather, except for his silk bathrobe.

"I call dibs on ringing the doorbell," Buru touched the doorbell gently.

"Let's hope they don't recognize us, Che" Aaron leaned against the support beam and studied his hands.

A nice man arrived at the door, he wore casual clothing and he looked like he was ready to go to bed. His hair was short, and he was a tall man of average build. He looked refined in some way.

"Hello, how may I service you," The man answered.

"Yeah…we need a place to crash," Buru impulsively blurted.

"Buru…be polite, Che," Aaron looked up

"Yes, gentlemen please stay the night" The man paused and looked up, "I'm making tea, please join me."

The two men entered curiously, as the man turned off the kettle. A pretty woman appeared wearing an elegant robe.

"Looks like Shinku," Buru joked. The two men snickered.

"Who are these men," The lady's blonde hair was pulled back into a nice ponytail. She was flaunting her attractiveness, causing Buru to relax in the alluring aroma. Aaron was too busy looking at the wallpaper, which had a royal design.

"They're guests, they're spending the night here," The man explained.

"Oh," The woman looked angry now, with the redness if infuriation clouding her once calm, smiling face,

"Can I see you outside," The domineering woman dragged the man to the backyard.

"HOW DARE YOU LET GUESTS IN," The lady raged with fury.

"My, lovely wife…" his voice trailed off softly and eerie silence.

The lady reappeared with the man in toe, "I'm sorry for my outburst, forgive me"

"It's okay…Che" Aaron accepted.

"Now drink your tea, both of you," The lady poured two cups. The lady poured two cups.

"Yes," Aaron picked up the tea, and then dropped it,"What are you trying to do?"

"I'm not trying to do anything," The lady innocently.

"You poured two cups. One for me and one for my companion," Aaron pointed out.

"So?" That lady was starting to be intimidating.

"The host or hostess always drinks first. That's proper etiquette. What are you planning?" Aaron's eyes were calm yet the tone was a stormy one.

"We know your criminals," She spitefully hissed the word. "You would cause a huge surplus in our village funds."

She pointed a finger up towards the ceiling, "Pike finger".

The husband then appeared with a heavy mallet, "Let's go kid." The man ran towards Buru and took a swing, "Mallet Mallet Smash!" He ended up breaking his clock.

Aaron took out the deck of cards; he shuffled them well as he avoided the ladies attack. "Now, four of hearts…" The card glowed and soon a gun-powdered hurled towards the lady and the bomb exploded. She was knocked down onto the floor, with extreme force; her head left a big gaping hole.

Buru jumped up, dodging a mallet smash by the man. Buru then screamed: "Phasianus Morphing," Buru grew feathers. He now had two chicken-like talons, and a piercing beak. He picked up the "generous" host, and flew away.

Buru rapidly flew up into the air and dropped the master straight through the chimney, "Two points," He joked.

As the woman lied on the floor, the man dropped straight through the chimney. He was in a sure-kill position, his neck is broken.

"I'm back," Shinku appeared through the door and stared down at the dead female. He sighed, "Buru, and Aaron. Get down here," his voice screamed with a malicious, possessed voice.

The two men reluctantly appeared before him. "A dead body, do we always have to kill someone wherever we go. I just wanted to not sleep on the dirt for a change and this is what I get. You killed the most prestigious leader of village."

"The lady?" Buru asked with some surprised. In these times a lady leader is very uncommon.

"Yes, the lady! Her name is Miko Shiabano. She's the leader of the village."

"How do you know this?" Buru asked.

"I read a pamphlet about the village when I visited this place."

"When was this?" Aaron quizzed.

A dead silence met the room, Shinku as usual didn't answer a question about his past. Shinku continued on with his lecture.

"And her-", his chain of thought was interrupted, "Where's the husband?"

Aaron sheepishly pointed to the fireplace.

Shinku's face paled, "Why- I'm not asking, but for clarification YOU KILLED THE MOST PROSTEGIOUS FAMILY IN THIS DAMN VILLAGE."

"That's right, that's exactly what happened" Buru said in an unusual cheerful manner.

"Imagine what this will do to my bounty," Shinku cried,

"It'll raise-"

"I know what it'll do!" A groan escaped from Shinku's mouth, "I didn't become a criminal by choice."

"Mommy, what's going on?" A girl walked down the stairs. The child was beautiful, and was confused by the three strangers in her home.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" Shinku screamed.

Aaron was about to say something, but Shinku kicked him.

"Why is mommy broken?" The girl asked.

"What's your name," Shinku asked with a disturbing kindness. Shinku is usually a crabby bitch.


"Felicity," Shinku looked troubled, "Your mom and dad were just killed by criminals, and we arrived too late."

"Oh, so what do I do now?" Felicity looked like her heart was breaking.

"Come with us," Shinku offered.

"What?" Buru and Aaron were both surprised. Shinku covered the girl's ears and whispered "Since you two killed her parents, it's only right if we raise her"

"Come upstairs, I'll help you pack."

Her room was filled with the color pink and unicorns. He picked out three outfits, an elegant robe, and gloves.

"What are your names?" Felicity asked.

"I'm Shinku. The man in the blue is Buru, he's are leader, you treat him with respect, but never let him touch you. The man is black is Aaron…the glue that keeps us from beating each other with a skillet."

"Ok, Shin-chan," Felicity said.

"I am a male," Shinku informed.

"Okay, Shin-chan," Felicity cheered.

"I'm a boy," Shinku snapped. He then directed Felicity towards him and put on two gloves on Felicity.

"Let's go downstairs," Shinku grabbed Felicity's hand and they went downstairs.

Damn…she's wearing gloves, Buru thought. I can't copy her identity now.

"All right let's go," Aaron headed out the door, with the rest of the party following him.

"Hey Shinku. I thought you knew about the family." Buru recalled the past five minutes. This was a life-changing moment.

"I did."

"Well, why didn't you know about the child?"

"She was probably born after I visited the village. I was only in there for only a night. And there was no mention of her in the royal family section."

"That makes sense…but I wonder what we are going to do with her."

"We can raise her. She must have some sort of ability for battle."

"We can hold her hostage for money, and then collect it," Buru distantly whipped the words with his tongue.

"No!" Felicity, who had been listening this whole time, ran up to Buru. She affectionately hugged Buru's thigh, "No Buru-Sama. I don't want to die by those evil criminals! Keep me, I'll be good. I promise."

"Don't worry!" Shinku cheered, "We'll protect you from those horrid criminals."

"Shinku I wish to speak to you now," Aaron dragged Shinku away, behind a tree.

"We're blinding a child," Aaron pointed out.

"I know we are…" Shinku looked for words to say, but none came out.

"We should watch over her for now, but if we see a better opportunity for her. We'll leave her there," Shinku said.

"Okay, Che."

While Aaron and Shinku were talking, Felicity began to talk to Buru.

"Are you going to keep me?" Felicity

"Maybe" Buru coolly answered.

"Do you like kitties?"


"How old are you?"

"I'm 16."

"How old is Aa-"




"How old are you?" Buru asked.

"I'm seven"

"We're back," Shinku interrupted the moment.

"Yes, let's continue onward…Che."

"Onward to adventure, and deeper into hell," Shinku cheered.

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