Author's note and apology.

Hello, I Rose, The author of this story will cease. I wrote this story and based it off on three people. An anti-social author, a hot-headed quirky leader, and an insane, maniacal depressed sadist who has no one. These people, who I have only had contact online, have touched my life and helped me get over very personal issues. One taught me to love, another taught me to cry, and a final one taught me to laugh. Now, because I feel distanced. After I, have stuck through their troubled selves and relationships that rifted and fell apart, they have deserted me. These are the people that I will have mourn more than others. I loved them, and now they left me. After I stuck with them, because so whole-heartedly did I love them, I took great pride with them and assumed they would be with me forever. This has fallen apart, and now bittersweet memories of all four of these characters and the lives on which I based will be sealed.

I have stopped writing due to the pain.

I will also be indefinitely inactive. This is my last post ever. I do not care for the site anymore. Especially some stories more then others.