An: This is a dedication to all the people who reviewed, waited, and supported my story " Into the Wolved Den", I'm sorry this has taken so long to update. To say sorry I made this little fic that I hope you'll enjoy. If you want more of it I'll be happy to upload more. Enjoy!

He really did suck at this, I could hear him outside my window. My prince charming was outside cursing and growling. He didn't sound happy But then would you if you were trying to climb up a thorn vine?

Rocks tapped at my window, he must have not noticed the cracks on it already but the last rock he threw was huge. And it quite frankly shattered my window. I could hear him curse more- so, I held in a giggle.

He was lucky my parents weren't home, they would have ran after him with bats and pepper spray.

Deciding to be nice I stood afront of my window and smiled down at my prince charming. Instead of sweet blue eyes his emerald green ones glittered angrily. Instead of saying something sweet like 'Rapunzel let down your hair!' or 'Come thou sweet lady!' or 'My love!' he spat out, "You have two minutes to either throw me a rope or get your ass down here."

I smiled down sweetly. Oh yes, I loved my prince. "Or?"

"I'm gonna break into your house and kick open your damn door."

I sighed knowing he would. Where as my prince had no sword he did have fists and a hard foot, both of which he was not afraid to use whether it be on a guy or a door. So I floated down stairs, not in a dress but boxers, a tank top, and bunny slippers. I opened the door and smiled sweetly at his extremely annoyed face. I kissed his cheek, whispering nothing. He grunted and handed me a helmet. There was no carriage or horse awaiting us just a motorcycle; a loud, grumbling, kowasaki ninja. Because when he rode he knew it would be cold, he handed me his leather jacket. He was not all honor, the battle scar on his upper arm said as much. I clutched his black shirt when I sat at the back. He turned once to make sure the helmet was firmly on before rearing the engine.

My prince did not carry me off to the sunset or his castle, he carried me t the forty- first street park. He turned off the bike, scanning the area. I climbed off after him, smiling wider when he grumpily took my hand. He led me to the bench, yanking me down to sit. He stood in front of the moon light more like a dark knight rather than a white one. In his black cargos and sleeveless shirt he looked more like a predator than a protector.

I didn't fall in love with him at a ball or in a field. I fell in love at a fast food restaurant when he took the last burger; my burger. Seeing my hungry expression he split the burger with me after dumping extra pickles on it; my hero.

We always ended up together by accident. *cough* Meeting at a corner randomly then deciding to just hang out. It was never official between us.

So instead of kneeling and proclaiming his love or something sweet he muttered some more curses and rumpled through his many pockets. He didn't pull out flowers or a diamond ring but a beaded bracelet and all but threw it at me. "Your my girlfriend now, got it? Damn it!"

I giggled.

My prince scowled down at me before pulling me for a rough kiss. There was no gentleness in him. "So now that your my girlfriend I guess we can make out alot." Even princes deserved smacks. WHAP! "Ow damn it! I was just joking!" Sure.