Is this love real?

Loving you must be the hardest thing

A girl could possibly do

I look left, I look right, there you are

You're in my mind constantly

Surrounding me; engulfing me

I thrive on your attention

It feels right when you're around

Even when you don't make a sound

You tell me everything and yet

Nothing at all

You've tole me "I love you"

Once, twice, as many times as you've needed

You have stolen my heart

And what can I say? I like it that way

And would like it to stay

You're so real and yet so far away

You are in my grasp; I can feel it

I can see you in the distance

You're calling my name

I can feel your embrace

My fingers are lonely without yours

My heart keeps racing; ever so quick

I can't be sure if this is real

But all I know is that you're my pick