Ethan was discovering that anything he had ever heard about hanging out with someone normally and someone you're dating not being overly different from one another was just bollocks.

Avery was at his house right now, and he was nervous as fuck.

Ethan's room was the typical room of a teenager, he had a computer, a TV and a desk. His bed was a double one, which he loved. A games console which Ethan sucked at but liked playing was connected to the TV. His walls were blue and it was the critical combination of being both tidy and a mess at once. Socks littered the floor in random locations, and balls of screwed up paper were left scattered on desk as evidence of attempted homework. But his clothes were hung up and his floor was actually visible. It was a nice room but it was flawed from an obvious lack of character.

Something Avery was all too quick to point out.

As if Ethan wasn't nervous enough about having the hot guy he was somehow dating in his room before he started to criticise it.

"Dude are you sure this isn't a guest room?"

"What do you mean?"

"Put up a poster or something Christ."

Ethan frowned and looked round his room, which he actually really liked. "I've never been fussed about posters and I don't have many pictures, the ones I do are in frames."

"We'll take some pictures."


"I have my calendar."

It was an afterthought, in his head he had thought it would highlight the fact that he something on his wall, out loud it sounded quite pathetic.

"It's of dogs. You don't even have a dog."

"Well I'd like one."

Avery snorted and loaded Ethan's computer up as a response.

Used to feel uncomfortable even in his own skin he was able to shrug off feeling that in his own room with relative ease. As Avery scrolled through his music collection and critically scanned the room he just felt like he was being judged.

"I like your music taste."

"…Thanks…Do you want ay food or drink anything?"

"No I'm good thanks."

Responsibilities of being a good host now aside Ethan had no fucking clue what to do.

Ethan sat on his bed awkwardly and the next thing he knew Avery had declared his boredom from looking through Ethan's stuff and instead sat right next to him. His hand rested on Ethan's knee causing him to jump slightly – something that Avery didn't miss. He laughed softly, so softly that even Ethan didn't automatically assume it was mocking.

A tap to the shoulder caused him to look round in interest but before he could ask anything, his lips were otherwise occupied.

The kiss was only a quick one, Avery's lips moved softly against his own. Ethan thought his heart was going to continue at its current rate, which surely had to be too fast to be anatomically safe, and then stop altogether.

It was his first kiss. It was nerve wracking and he had no idea what the hell he was supposed to do. He just sat there, his mind racing. How the hell did he kiss back anyway? He'd never done this before!

No matter how nervous he was though, no matter how much it took him off guard he still thought it ended far too soon.

The second Avery pulled away it made several other worries race through his mind. He didn't even kiss back, that can't have been good!

"Ethan breathe." Avery smiled and Ethan just stared at him in shock, he looked like a twelve year old girl right now, somehow his hand had found its way up to trace his lips in disbelief, but he didn't even care.

"You kissed me."

"Yes. Our date went well. Kind of, as well as it could have anyway all things considered." He smirked, he obviously meant considering Ethan didn't even know it had been a date. "But I also know that if we do things at your pace I'll have to wait 5 years to kiss you. So, I figured rather than let you get all worked up over it I'd just do it. Did it work?"

"Uh. I'm kind of freaking out now a bit…"

"I don't think that's the kind of thing you're supposed to admit."

"It's pretty obvious."

"You're right, it is. I'm going to do it again though." Their second kiss happened quickly again, but this time Ethan had time to react. His heart was pounding and his stomach was doing flips. He felt awkward looking into Avery's eyes, so he shut them instead. And what the fuck was he supposed to do with his hands? Avery had his placed lightly on Ethan's hips, turning him slightly and probably trying to keep him from bolting.

His lips were soft and so was the kiss, and eventually, Ethan found himself trying to relax and he moved his lips slightly against Avery's. Avery smiled and pulled away placing a chaste kiss on his lips first.

"Nice to see I didn't give you a heart attack."

The next minute however Ethan squeaked in shock. "You might still if you don't tell me what you're doing!"

"Lie down."

Their next kiss did nothing to ease Ethan's nerves, Avery was on top of him, his hair tickling his face lightly and he wasn't sure why but he really wanted to giggle uncontrollably.

Kissing lying down was so different from sitting up. He tried though, he lifted his head slightly and after what could have been a minute or an hour, Ethan found that somewhere inside of him one of his usual chickenshit inner voices had told him to grow some balls because he reached up and ran his fingers through Avery's hair.

A surprised and pleased smile lined both their lips and Ethan found he rather liked kissing. That didn't stop him from shoving Avery off of him the second he heard his parents enter the house though.

"Ethan what the hell?"

"Sorry, mum and dad are home." His mum and dad knew he was way but getting caught by them was defiantly not something he wanted to add to the most embarrassing moments of his life.

Ethan was sure that Avery looked annoyed, but it passed instantly and was replaced with a smile. Any distaste that he might have had at being interrupted was not shared by Ethan, who felt better by the end of the kissing session but still nervous as hell.

"I should get going anyway. Listen, don't make plans for next Friday night. I'm having a party at mine and I want you to come, its nothing massive but all my mates will be there and it will be a shit load of fun."

Oh fuck.

That in no way, sounded like Ethan's definition of fun, he had been minutes away from having a heart attack tonight, if Avery tried to kiss him in front of his friends he would probably throw up.

"You're coming. I already know you don't have plans." He stood up and pulled Ethan towards him, they hugged and Avery kissed him again, taking him by surprise. "Plus, I want you to stay over, and we won't be interrupted."

With that they walked downstairs together, Ethan was too busy trying to figure out if Avery was annoyed at him or not for his parents cutting their time short that it never occurred to him he would actually have to introduce Avery to them.

Nevertheless, annoyed or not, he was nothing less than polite when greeting his parents, plus, when had Ethan ever been good at reading people anyway?

"Urm, Mum, Dad, this is Avery…"

His mum smiled, her eyes sparkling in delight and his dad was smirking. "Would you like to stay for dinner? Were just having take out, I'm afraid I can't be bothered to cook."

"Ah man, that sounds great but I actually have to go. Another time though, soon?" He smiled at them.

He then smiled at Ethan and moved into him, it took a gesture of the head and his raised eyebrows but he finally understood he was silently asking permission to kiss him in front of his parents. He nodded and felt thankful it was only a quick peck. He didn't even have air left in his lungs to say goodbye as Avery left.

His mum was beaming and his dad had an evil glint in his eyes that made it clear he wanted to take the piss out of him

"Shut up." Ethan mumbled through a smile he was unable to keep from falling from his lips as he ran upstairs out of their prying and teasing way.


Ethan was at school, sat in biology, bored and waiting for the teacher. He batted at his leg for a couple of seconds convinced he felt a bug there only to realise his phone was on vibrate and he'd just received a text.

Thank fuck no one was around to witness that bout of antisocial idiocy, he blushed nonetheless and pulled his phone out of pocket.

His phone was old, not fancy, he never saw the point of paying hundreds for what was basically a mini computer when he barely ever needed his phone. He had however brought a blue phone case off the internet to spruce it up a bit.

The text was from Avery and Ethan felt his stomach spike with nerves before he opened it, did everyone get this nervous with stuff like this, or was it just him?

'Gonna pick u up after skwl, that ok? Want 2 kiss you again ;) x'

Ethan was without a doubt blushing this time as he keyed in his reply.

'That sounds good, see you later :) x'

Only after he'd sent it did he realise he told him that the kissing sounded good, which it did but that hadn't been what he meant.

Oh well, the text was gone now. Shit.

Ethan took to staring at his desk and his face had finally returned to a normal colour when the door opened and the voice of a girl got everyone's attention.

"Hey sorry but is this year thirteen biology?"

The quick glance up Ethan took as a break from staring at his desk told him three very obvious things: the girl was new, very pretty and infinitely more confident than he would ever be. She'd stuck her head round the classroom door and was grinning more cheerfully at a room of strangers harder than he had probably grinned in years.

Someone confirmed she was in the right room and Ethan went back to staring at his desk.

"Uh, does it matter where I sit? Don't want to cause any hissy fits on my first day."

"This is the entire class. You can sit next to Ethan though…" Ethan thought it was Emily who had said that and he knew she was only trying to help, she was really nice after all and she was friends with Jay they'd probably talked about him being a loner at some point, but he still wanted to glare at her.

Still, the new girl just took Emily's word for it and plonked rather loudly down next to him. He stuttered out a rather pathetic hello and she smiled showing off straight white teeth.

"You're quiet. Damnit. Do you want me to move?"

Yes. He hated meeting new people. "No, its, its okay."

"If I bug you let me know, until then I'm going to sit here and act like you want me rambling on in your ear. I'm Zoe by the way."

Ethan had never even thought to ask for her name. He let out a shaky laugh, he could tell she was only being friendly but its not like he would ever tell her to move.

He genuinely liked sitting alone. He would probably end up accidentally kick her or something.

She was now chatting away happily to everyone else in the classroom, all much more interested in the new student than he was. She would no doubt eventually end up leaving him in favour of sitting alone anyway once she learned what most people thought of him.

He studied her, she was confident - that much was certain, her hair was a natural blonde colour that had been straightened and she wore only a hint of eye make-up. She had jeans on and shirt that was fitted but was, if Ethan was right, actually a guys. It had a caption on it that Ethan would probably find funny if he wasn't to scared of reading should he be shouted at in case she thought he was staring at her breasts. She was gorgeous, even Ethan knew that much.

"Me and my brother just moved here. We only moved about half an hour away so we'll still see our friends, most of them can drive anyway, and I pretty much hated all my teachers at my old school, so to be honest so we weren't really fussed It looks nice here."

She was extremely social...Ethan already didn't understand her. How was he, someone who had been here for nearly six and a half years now, more nervous than the new girl?

It was things like this that made him realise how bad he really was.

"So Ethan, what classes are you in?"

"Biology, English, Chemistry and History."

"Urgh you sound like a massive over-achiever just like my brother, he's doing four A-levels too." She pulled out her timetable which was crumpled to hell and already had a corner missing, "do you mind telling me where my next class is?"

"Go left out of here and it's just round the corner at the end of corridor."


"You're in my English class too."

She smiled and Ethan wasn't quite sure why. "Do you sit alone in that class too?"

Note to self: Zoe is blunt.

He coloured and she smiled again and Ethan hoped it was nice rather than mocking, she could probably beat him up if she wanted, he didn't want to piss her off. "I'll sit with you tomorrow as well then."


All this bloody socialising would be the death of him.


After school he made a bee-line straight for the now familiar red car and climbed in.

"Hey, how was work?"

"It was good. Getting a bonus next week which has come just in time for the party."


"How was school?"

"It was okay…weird."


"There's a new girl, and she sat next to me in biology. I spoke to her more than I've spoke to everyone else in a week."

Avery snorted.

"It isn't funny! You don't understand you're not awkward. Oh! That's her." Ethan subtly pointed to Zoe, she was stood in front of school already talking to people.

Avery took one look at her and whistled lowly, "You're gay right?"

"Yes." He blinked, completely thrown by the random question and they drove off towards Avery's apartment.

"Couldn't remember if you said gay or bi, never mind sorry. Random question. Look, just give her a chance, go for it, try and be friends with her. If that's what she wants then why now?" Avery leaned over when they stopped at a red light, "I just want you to be happy. You are my boyfriend after all."

He pressed their lips together quickly before the lights turned to green and Ethan bit his lip certain that if he didn't his goofy grin would no doubt scare the other off.

He had a boyfriend. A boyfriend.

How the fuck did that even happen?

Someone, and a hot, nice someone at that, was perfectly aware at how much of a social retard he was, and he still wanted to go out with him.

Still wanted to kiss him in fact. The twisting in Ethan's stomach let him know he also wanted the kissing to continue, that is, if it didn't give him a heart attack first.


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