'Twas the Last Day of School
AN: This was an assignment I had in Language Arts one day where we had to do a parody on the Night Before Christmas. And...this is what I wrote?

'Twas the last day of school and no one could talk,
everyone was silent and watching the clock.
The minute hand said it was five minutes to three,
and excitement was growing inside us with glee.
The children were frozen, lost in a dream
of visions of swimming and watching TV.
The busses were roaring their engines in haste,
while we sat and thought of the time we would waste.
When just down the street there arose such a sound,
and students were piled from ceiling to ground.
Away to the window I opened my ear,
looked far in the distance and heard sounds so dear.
The glare of the sun on the cars just below,
had blinded my eyes so that no sight would show.
When what to my burning eyes should see
but a large white truck and eight types of ice cream!
With a twinkling old bell, all tarnished and broken,
screaming "Eat me!" in words that were only unspoken:
"Eat chocolate, eat mint, eat sorbet and blueberry!
Eat vanilla, eat lemon, eat coffee and cherry!
All the flavors I have are better than jellies
the sweetness and calories will fill all your bellies!"
As stampedes of rhinos careen in the sand,
the truck sped away like some crazy, old man.
So right down the street, the tires they screeched,
full of wonderful flavors like strawberry and peach.
And then in a moment I heard the bell shout;
a rush to the door and then we were out.
The jingling of change and the crumple of bills
was heard by the man that gave me the chills.
He was dressed in all white with a patch on his chest
saying: "A+ Ice Cream: WE are the best!"
The freezer had stood just to his right,
and he held out his hand to show he was trite.
His voice how it rumbled! His eyes how black!
He could have been Frankenstein...if he had a hunchback.
It was obvious his bark was worse than his bite,
"Pay up right now or get out of sight!"
The gray hairs on his head stood out without fail,
and his face seemed familiar to myself just as well.
All of the children turned in all their cash,
and the man took it in with a quick little flash.
He grinned quite evilly, and it filled me with dread,
and he did not give us ice cream but broccoli instead.
A chuckle from him sent us all in a rage,
and we sure did make use of the truck's rolling cage.
The man in the truck turned a bright shade of red,
"TO SUMMER SCHOOL YOU BRATS!" he harshly had said.
Then I remembered where I last saw his face,
turns out he was the teacher in our least favorite place.
He handed us referrals on sheets of pink paper,
for assaulting and harassing an "innocent" teacher.
Then he yelled out some words I cannot repeat,
then cried "Happy summer to all-- I'll see you next week!"