Prolouge AN/ Yes, I felt the need to re-write this entire story -shrug- I'm just unhappy with the spelling errors and lack of detail (as are most of my readers).

My name is Audry Avenir. I'm your almost average freshman, except for one small, tinsy, winsy, little thing. I glimpse the future.

Yes you heard me right.

No you are not imagining things.

No, I am not imagining things either.

I'm a psychic, but a certain kind. I'm what we physcics call a "glimpser". I'll just be walking along in the hallway, and suddenly see an older version of my friend, Kylie, crying because her boyfriend, David, dumped her.

Kylie is going out with a guy named Kevin at the moment.

When you're a glimpser, sometimes its hard to distinguish between reality and well...future reality. It used to drive me nuts. Back in elementary school, I couldn't tell the difference between the present and a glimpse into the future. In 6th grade I finally noticed that glimpses have a slight golden light around them.

There's another thing you should probably know about me before you dig any deeper into my slightly abnormal life.

I've never had a glimpse of myself.

An/ heheheh things are now spelled correctly XD