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"I knew I shouldn't have gone." I said, hanging upside down from my bed. "I had a bad feeling about it to begin with."

"No." Luna said, painting her toenails a pretty blue. "That would be ME who had the bad feeling." I sighed.

"I told them I didn't want to go!" I continued, ignoring my sister. "But they made me!"

"They didn't MAKE you do anything." My mom said, walking past my bedroom door with a basket of laundry.

"My life is RUINED!" I said.

"Your life is NOT ruined." My dad called from the living room.

"Can't you people even let me sulk!?" I cried, pushing Luna out of my room and locking the door.

"We've been reduced to 'you people'." My mom said.

"Again? Really?" My dad asked. I turned my radio up and plopped back down on my bed. Just this once couldn't my family leave me alone and let me be miserable? I rolled onto my side and curled up. How could I possibly face my classmates on Monday? That living room had held about half the freshmen class!

The phone in my room rang, but I didn't bother answering. I just stared at it.

"Fine! I'll get it!" My mom called, obviously annoyed that I had the phone right next to me but of coarse refused to answer. "It's Katie!" She called.

"Tell her I died!"

"She wants to know how!" My mom called again after a moment or two.

"Public humiliation!!" I yelled, burring my head in my pillow. For the next couple of days I lay in bed and absolutely refused to leave my room. I went out only at 2:00 AM to take a shower, go to the bathroom and make a sandwich. My friends came over and tried to coax me out of my room, but I didn't listen.

I had been right about horoscopes. I had been right about parties. And I had definantly been right about risk taking.

All three were nothing but crap.


"Give it up, Michelle. You don't know how to pick a lock and it'll be another forty years before you figure it out!" I called to Michelle through the door. She had been trying to pick the lock to my room fro the past hour. It had been a week since my public humiliation and social suicide. Now my friends and family were starting to get sick of my moping.

"That's it!" I heard Katie yell from the other side of the door. "Move over." The knob jiggled a couple of times and then the door swung open.

"Okay, get up!" Ebby said, yanking my blanket off.

"NO!" I said, burying my face in the pillows. "I'll suffocate myself before I go back to school!"

"You're going to school!" Michelle said, pushing me off my bed. I landed on the floor with a hard thunk.

"OW!" I glared at her. My floor was hard.

"You have an hour to be dressed and ready, and if your not, we're taking you like you are!" Michelle said.

"And if you lock the door, I'll just pick the lock again." Katie warned. They left and I got up, picked out my clothes, and headed to the bathroom to take a shower and put my makeup on.

I got dressed and went out into the kitchen to see my mom handing Luna a plate of toast and a fried egg.

"Finally." Luna muttered when she noticed me. My mom handed me a plate of toast with a fried egg as well and I sat down at the table to eat it.

"Are you girls sure you don't want anything to eat?" My mom asked Katie, Michelle and Ebby.

"No thanks." Ebby said.

"Yeah I ate before we came." Katie agreed.

"I'll take some toast! I'm starved!" Michelle said. My mom laughed and put some more bread in the toaster. I bit into my toast silently, hoping that a tornado would blow by and I wouldn't be forced to go to school today. Sadly, I finished my food and we were off without any such luck.

"Come on Audry," Ebby said, as we neared the school. "Smile! No one's really going to remember you falling all over the place. I mean, it was funny sure, but it wasn't so horrible, well they guy you bumped into might remember it but other than that "

"Ebby." I interrupted. "Your not helping."

"Oh, right. Sorry." She smiled apologetically. We were right in front of the entrance now. I took a deep breath, and stepped through the doors. Immediately, I collided head first into one of the many people I wasn't ready to face just yet. Keir Walker.

The same guy who, thanks to me, had been trapped under a plant at Koby's party a week before.

"Keir!" I gasped. "Oh my god, I'm sooo sorry. I've knocked you over three times now!" I helped him up.

"No. Ow. Its okay, I'm just clumsy. I'm always running into people." He said, rubbing his head.

"Yeah, well, Friday night was defiantly my fault, not yours." I said. Keir laughed.

"Yeah, well, we all have our moments. I got to go. I'm gonna be late for English. Bye, Audry." He waved and then set off in the other direction. Michelle started to laugh.

"What?" Ebby asked.

"Oh nothing." Michelle said. "'Oh! Keir! I'm Soooo soooorrryyy! I didn't mean to knock you over!! Please don't hate me! PLEASE!!'" she said in an odd high pitched voice.

"Is that SUPPOSED to be an impression of me?" I asked. "Because its not a very good one."

"Like the quality of my impression matters." She said. "The point is, you like him."

"Uh, no, I don't." I disagreed. "I never even talk to him."

"And what do you call what you were just doing with him, then?" Katie asked, joining in with Michelle. "Jogging?"

"ONE TIME! THE ONE TIME I TALK TO A GUY YOU ALL ASUME I LIKE HIM???" I yelled. I mean, really? REALLY? Like I really needed more of their 'advice'.

"Maybe we're assuming that, because you actually bothered to talk to him? Ever think of that?" Katie pointed out. "Admit it. How often do you talk to boys?"

"Guys, come on. Leave Audry alone." Ebby stepped in on my side. "We're lucky we even managed to get her to school today."

"Thank you, Ebby." I said. "Now, lets get to Science before I knock anyone else to the ground or you two accuse me of somthing else."

AN/ LOL, I just love how dramatic these characters can get for absolutely no reason at all.