Heart beating violently, I ran as fast as I could, the unknown hunter still following closely behind me. My ragged breathing came out in gasps, as I dodged trees, and leapt over roots, never stopping – fighting with all of my might to survive. My thoughts were frantic and incoherent, further adding to my panicked state of mind. As I ran through the seemingly endless forest, I listened for the telltale sounds of the hunter. It wasn't chasing me on the ground, no; it was above me, in the trees, its deep guttural growls indicating that it definitely wasn't human.

After what seemed like many long, drawn-out hours, I saw a break in the trees ahead. Though the hunter was still chasing me, I felt somewhat relieved; the light from the moon a refreshing change from the monotonous forest that I was in. I broke through the trees, and continued running further into the meadow. As I ran, an idea entered my head. It was insane, but it was the only hope I had. I quickly withdrew my knife from my pocket, turned – and found myself staring the strange creature in the face. It had large white eyes embedded into its large scaly head. Its large, pointed teeth stretched the entire length of its face, giving it the appearance of a grinning, humanoid lizard. It shot its scaly, muscular arms toward my neck. I ducked, then brought the knife up, stabbing the creature in the throat. It let out a loud screeching sound, then fell to the ground, writhing. After a few minutes, it fell limp. I sighed in relief. It was over.

I stood in the moonlit meadow, surrounded by knee-high grass, and beautiful flowers of varying colors. Above me, the sky looked like a black canopy with holes punched into it; the many stars vibrant without being hindered by any light pollution from the city. Shifting my gaze forward, I saw a small stream, the reflection of the full moon prominent on its surface. To my right stood a vast, green forest; evergreens poking out every which way, giving it the appearance of a small child's uncombed hair. The sounds of the crickets chirping, the frogs croaking, and the stream trickling made for a melody that salved any fears that I had felt previously. I decided that this is where I would spend the remainder of the night.