There was nothing. Just two bodies, laying in the semi-darkness, stroking the other's face softly. Sweet nothings being murmured as shoulders are massaged. Soft groans, moans, sighs, mumbled "I love you's" in the night. Someone stirs, quiet. Shh, don't make a sound. We don't want to wake the others. Semi-silent signing, with small explanations, quietly whispered. 'Wish'




'I'm sorry'

'Thank you'.

He stops to think. She signs.



'w-e c-o-u-l-d s-t-a-y h-e-r-e f-o-r…'


He finishes her word for her.



'Old', He signs.

She smiles and he hugs her, burying his face in her neck. Quietly, she takes off her necklace. In one quiet motion she holds it in front of his face. It has a gold upside down hand. He stares at it.

'I Love You' she mouths. She takes it and places it around his neck.

Arms and legs entwined, a passion growing between. Kiss, kiss, kiss me, you, ahh. You and me, alone, there is nothing, just us, here, now. What of tomorrow. Oh no, the sun.