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Hi this is Darkness-1120 here and this is my first story up on fictionpress and I hope that you guys enjoy this. Also, the title Hematophobia means the fear of blood. Oh and please DO NOT forget to review, domo arigatoo gozaimasu (Thank you very much).


I wake up every morning to the same sounds, gunshots, screams and explosions. It wasn't like this before the war occurred, when we where at peace with the aliens. I would've never thought that they would turn on us after living on our planet for three hundred years. I really don't remember how it came to this but I know that as a result of the war, my older sister and I were orphaned. Fortunately my sister and me were spared from the fate of our parents and escaped. We moved to a small city outside of Tokyo where we took up residence. Ten years have passed since the year 2546 and nothing has changed, we are still at war and there seems like it'll never end. I fear that the ones that we, at one point, called our friends... will exterminate our race.

I stared up at the dark ceiling of my bedroom thinking of what was happening in the next town over. I had been hearing gunshots and other activity for the last hour and a half. Actually it was the reason why I couldn't go to sleep. I tried my hardest not to imagine what could be going on over there because only one thing would pop into my mind: blood. Just hearing that word makes me feel uneasy because of the day-to-day carnage that I see broadcasted on the news in the mornings. I rolled over in bed trying to clear my head of those thoughts. I then put my pillow over my head so that I can block out the noise outside so I could sleep.

I did fall asleep eventually but it wasn't for long because I awoke to my sister calling my name.

"Miyuki-chan, please wake up now!"

I rolled over to see her standing over me with a worried look in her hazel eyes; I had a feeling that something was wrong. I sat up quickly to see that she was holding a gun in her hands and she was trembling. I looked out the window as I spoke.

"So it's time huh Aiko?"

She nodded quietly before tossing a duffle bag onto my bed. She then walked out of the room so that I could begin packing. I always kept few items with me because we would always have to leave home when the fighting came to close to us. We had grown used to it but this time it was different, my sister's facial expression said it all; our people were losing. I felt my heart drop as I heard a round of gunshots go off in the distance. I wondered was it one of our own or was it the Arkilai (alien race that lives on Earth). Many thoughts ran through my head before I visualized the bloody messes that were the remains of our fallen officers and the innocents. Suddenly I felt sick to my stomach and I ran into the bathroom vomiting everything into the toilet until there was nothing else left in of what I ate for dinner. I flushed it down and looked at myself in the mirror. My face looked pale and my messy hair made it look even more displeasing. I picked up the brush that sat on the left hand side of the sink and began to brush it into a ponytail. When I was satisfied with it I washed my face and went back into my room to finish packing.

After I was fully packed, Aiko and me hurried out of the house (still wearing our pajamas). It was a cold winter night and my thin pajama pants weren't enough to shield my legs from the chilly winds. I got used to it because I thought that it was a whole lot better than sitting in the house waiting to be executed by those monsters. Truthfully anything was better than that. Lucky for the two of us, our house wasn't far from a forest and that thought made me feel a little safer.

Walking through the forest wasn't as hard as I thought. Other than tripping over a couple of twigs and falling I was unharmed. Aiko on the other hand walked through without falling or tripping once, it was like she had been here before. Maybe she knew that she would have to use this route one day. She turned around putting on a smile that didn't quite match her worried eyes. I tried to smile back but she turned her head before I could. She pointed towards the west.

"It won't be long until we reach the twins' house."

A bell rung in my head when she said that, I did remember her talking about how our cousins lived close to here. A big grin spread across my face; I always loved to visit Hiji and Hakuro, even though they have three years on me. I didn't matter anyway because Aiko would always boss us around; unfortunately, she was the oldest out of the four of us. I wonder how they've changed over the years. I know that Hiji has gotten really tall and Hakuro has dropped her tomboyish activities...hopefully. I don't want to be put into a headlock again. I hope Uncle Jon (the Japanese version of John) is doing okay, the last time I heard from him was when he told us that he had gotten shot in the leg; that was seven years ago.

By the time we reached the next town, it was dawn but the smoke from the fighting covered up the sun. The morning sun was a mix of black and a soft orange. It would have been nice to see the sun rise for once but I had to run through the streets to get to our destination. There was a curfew during the day because of the conflict. We had to stay inside so that the Japanese deployment of the Earth Imperial army could patrol and make sure that we are safe. I remembered the area well; everything looked exactly the same, which made me smile.

As we pasted the old school I noticed that the playground was still intact. I remembered how the four of us used to go up there to play on the swings. Even back then Aiko would stop bossing us around to play with us on those sunny days. When the sun was about to set, we hurry over to the hills to sit and watch it before we had to go back for supper. Back then we were a bunch of little kids that played without a care in the world. I wish i could go back to those days with Mom, Dad and Auntie Karol, but that was impossible and it hurt me every time I thought about it.

It didn't take long to reach our cousins' house and we weren't spotted by the Imperials so everything was going good so far. We came to the back door of the house and I knocked on the steel door, which replaced the wood one that was there 10 years ago. There was a long silence before I heard signs of life behind the door. It felt like an hour passed before the door was completely unlocked and opened. Behind it stood an excited looking Hakuro who was sporting a pair of black sweat pants and a black fitted t-shirt. Her once long hair was cut into short style and she put red streaks in it. She hugged us as we entered.

"Okaeri nasai."

Aiko walked straight to the front while I stayed in the kitchen and caught up with Hakuro. She had matured physically as well as mentally. She told me about high school and about how she was the star player of the high school basketball team. She seemed very proud of herself. Even though she was still a tomboy she talked in a more girlish way than before and she rambled on about a boy that she likes at school. After a while of her leading the conversation the other twin walked in, a pair of headphones in his ear. Hiji has matured also, his body was defined and he had gotten very tall (as I predicted). He walked past without noticing me. Hakuro caught sight of my frown and she jumped on her brother wrestling to the ground. He groaned in pain as she twisted his wrist.

"What did I do Nee-chan?"

Hakuro pointed at me, with her eyes still on her brother. He looked up at me, a wide smile spread across his face.

"Oi, ohayoo Neko-chan!"

My eye twitched when he called me by that name. It brought back bad memories of my hardship with their old cat Yukihime. I swear that thing was possessed with an evil spirit or something because it hated every one, except the twins. Every time I would make an effort to pet the thing, it would attack me. The last time I made contact with it , it scratched me on my cheek and I chased it around the house with a television remote. To this day I still hate that cat even though it is dead.


I turned around from the fighting twins to see my Uncle smiling at me. His eyes were twinkling with both surprise and happiness. I got out of my chair and ran up to him like I did when I was a small child.


He hugged me and ruffled up my hair. He was used to having his tomboyish daughter in the house so he would some time play around with the rest of the girls like boys. I didn't mind it, I was just happy to see some family again. Our little happy moment was interrupted when Aiko called all of us into the living room. We hurried into the room to see that she was pointing at the holographic screen that was broadcasting the news. My heart stopped when I saw the headline, Tokyo Has Been Captured on the screen. The news anchor by the name of Kai Hiko straightened his glasses before speaking in a frightened tone.

"Today representatives from the Japanese Division Imperial Army informed us that the operation: Tenshi no Nihon has failed and the Arkilai have taken control of Tokyo. We advise that all citizens stay as far from Tokyo and they stay inside..."

Aiko fell back on the couch and buried her face in her hands. The whole room was silent as the anchor continued the story. He took off his glasses and stared directly into the camera with fear and sadness in his eyes.

"As a result of Tokyo's capture this will be channel 18's last newscast and news will be broadcasted on channel 57 from now on."

Hiji punched the wall closest to him leaving a dent in it.

"Those monsters! What do they want with us anyway?"

We all hung our heads at that question because none of us could come up with an answer. I wondered what made those things interested with our planet anyway. How could they have spent three centuries with us and suddenly become so hostile? As I pondered these thoughts Uncle Jon changed the channel to 57 and our eyes all turned to the screen again. I was horrified at what I was watching. The news was showing what a survivor caught on their video camera. Mangled human and Arkilai lay in the streets in puddles of their own blood. I put my hands over my mouth to keep myself from vomiting. I was relieved that the man behind the camera ran behind a piece of debris or the living room would have to be evacuated. Suddenly the whole screen flashed white and the cameraman focused in on two Arkilai solders standing on top of decimated tank, a male and a female. They both had odd-looking weapons on their left arms but I couldn't make them out because the image was shaking violently. It was like an earthquake was occurring while the video was being taken. The person behind the camera began to yell; I could tell that the voice belonged to that of a young man.

"It's coming from them! Akuma! Akuma!"

Japanese words to know list one:

-Chan: used to family or friends that are close to you

-Kun: used when talking about boys or colleges that are younger than you

-San: meaning mister or miss is used when talking to a teacher of someone you don't know

-Sama: used when you are speaking of or about someone that you respect of is in a position of power

Akuma: demon

Neko: means cat

Tenshi: Angel

No: of

Nihon: Japanese for Japan

Yukihime: snow princess

Okaeri nasai: means welcome home

Ojisan: uncle

Nee: term used when referring to an older sister

Nii: term used when referring to an older brother

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(A screen fades in and out and it shows people fleeing from explosions.)

"Miyuki no!"

(Gunshots are fired. A younger version Miyuki is shown covered in blood and is crying. She looks up and a gun is pointed at her head.)

-Chapter Two: Fear-