Hematophobia: Red Flag

I sighed as I sat on my classroom floor wishing I hadn't come to school today. I closed my eyes, remembering the offer that Aiko gave me after I fainted.

"I you still feel sick you can stay home today." She said as she sat down next to me.

"No Nee-chan I'll go I just need to get some rest."


I flinched as another gunshot rang off from outside. I looked around at my fellow classmates who where as still as the dead. One of the soldiers repositioned his weapon as she kneeled down next to a girl that was crying and put her hand on the girl's shoulder.

"It's alright."

I turned around, staring blankly at the holographic screens that were flashing our class assignment. It wasn't until I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder that I shook out of my gaze. I turned to see a boy with dark short red hair and ocean blue eyes was the source of the tap.

"Do you think we will get out of here alive," he whispered.

I didn't respond to the question. I froze as reality dawned on me. The Kyoto base was being attacked and we are sitting right in the middle of it.

"So it's a no huh?"

I blinked, "huh?"

He ignored me and began to mumble about how he came to live here because it was safe. As he spoke I noticed the heavy Irish that was accented on his Japanese. Eventually I turned my attention to the window, which was covered in smoke. I listened to the sound of gunfire and echoing screams.

Suddenly the door opened and Aiko ran in, her eyes full of worry. I noticed that she had her hand on her stomach and the lower part of her shirt was covered in blood. "Miyuki-chan, are you in here?"

"Hai," I said, trying not to look at the wound. She quickly ran over to me a look of relief now spreading across her face. I could tell that she was in a lot of pain. "How did you-"

She cut me off before I could finish my sentence and grabbed my arm.

"Come on, I'll tell you later but we have to go…now!"

Without any struggle I let her lead me out of the room but before I stepped through the doorway, I looked back at the Irish boy, his eyes pleading for me to take me with him.

"We can't take him…sorry."

I looked at her then lowered my eyes for an instant. She then broke out into a run and I had no choice but to get dragged along. "We'll exit through the gymnasium entrance; Uncle is waiting out there, ugh." I looked down at the wound fighting my urge to scream. She looked back at me and then at the wound staying completely silent. It wasn't until we made it to the gym door; she stopped and caught her breath. I heard an explosion as she coughed violently, blood running from the corners of her mouth.

When we made it out side, I could barely see anything other than Uncle Jon's vehicle. It was a midnight-black color and it was sleek. The thrusters were activated, causing it to float about a foot from the ground. We hurried to the car and opened the doors. When I sat down I notice that my cousins were in the back with me. They were also hurt; Hiji laid unconscious and his arms and head bandaged. Hakuro had cuts and bruises on her face and arms. When I leaned up front Uncle Jon was hunched over, blood running down his forehead.

I panicked, "w-what happened to you guys?"

Aiko stayed silent as she moved Uncle Jon into the passenger seat. She only looked at me before starting the car and taking off. I was jerked back in my as she put the car in hyper-drive. I looked out the window as we left my school and Kyoto behind.

After a while of driving, Aiko put the car on autopilot. She then slumped back in her seat, taking a deep breath. She looked back at me giving me a forced smile.

"You two okay back there?"

The answer was obvious, seeing as Hakuro and I were crying. Aiko frowned and looked at Hiji's inert body.

"He hasn't awakened yet huh," she asked more to herself than us.

Uncle began to move in his seat as a silence filled the vehicle. He finally turned around, looking at us, the once fresh blood that ran down his face drying up. His dark brown eyes were filled with pain and worry. He looked at all of us a sigh of relief leaving his mouth as he noticed that I was unharmed. Personally I didn't care about my physical condition; I felt that it was my fault that everyone got hurt.

Hakuro put her hand on my shoulder noticing my facial expression, "please don't blame yourself, Neko-chan." I nodded silently and frowned. The car fell silent again as I leaned my head against the window, the cold glass soothing me. It wasn't long before I fell asleep engrossed in deep thought.

I sat in a chair my hands and feet shackled to a chair. I was surrounded in darkness except for the dim light that made it's way though the dirty window. I tried to free myself but it seemed like the shackles tightened every time I moved. "Miyuki-chan!" I looked around as I heard the sound of my sister's voice and I called back but she didn't answer. The sound of my cousins' voices rang out throughout the room. Then finally I heard my Uncle's before a bright light flashed in the room.

My eyes widened as I looked at the gruesome sight of my sister, my uncle and my cousins sprawled on the floor. They were literally slaughtered in cold-blooded murder. Their bodies were mangled, stabbed and filled with bullet holes. I screamed in horror as I watched Arkilai soldiers advance closer and closer to me, their pale faces covered in my family's blood. They were all I had left and they were gone, was the Arkilai going to take everything away from me?

Right before the Arkilai female pulled her trigger, I woke up and everyone in the car was staring at me. Their eyes were wide with surprise and shock. I put my hand over my mouth afraid of what they might have heard of my dream. Hiji was all wrapped up and he was the person closest to me and his mouth was wide open.

If everyone wasn't so shocked I would have been happy that he had awoken. Aiko looked at me with a frown and sighed.

"So your dreams have gotten worse...you were screaming our names."

I blinked and then the dream came back to me, the horrible nightmare stabbing me like a sword. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I remembered my loved ones laying forever still on the blood stained floor.

What is wrong with me, it was just a dream. No, I thought again, it felt too real, too terrifying.

Suddenly I heard a wave of sobs and noticed that they came from me. Then there were arms wrapping themselves around me, multiple pairs of arms. What surprised me is that I wasn't the only crying I heard my sisters muffles sobs as she buried her face in my hair.

Uncle Jon's cracking voice was heard to but I could tell that he was in the front. The thing that really broke me was when I heard Aiko murmur, "I miss Mom and Dad." Whoever's shirt it was I buried my face in it sobbing loudly as I let the horrible memories flood my mind. The same memories that nearly killed me, I let free.

I remembered every vivid detail, every smell and every sound that occurred on the day my parents died. Even the memories of my sisters pain because those monsters made me watched as they raped her and beat her so that she could spare my life... all for my sake.

Now that I had gone through those horrible events again and was able to calm myself before I retreated to the back of my mind, I stopped crying. I pushed away from my sister and frowned, but it wasn't at her...it was at the scar on her left cheek and the smaller ones on her neck. She noticed that I was looking at her neck and fixed her shirt so that it wasn't visible. She put her hand on her shoulder and looked down at the floor, I moved to the front passenger seat so that she could think alone with out having to worry about me. She went through a whole lot more than I did and she's also more bave.

Uncle Jon was now in the driver's seat taking over autopilot .He looked at me and smiled the wrinkles near his eyes creasing at the corners.

"We're almost there," he said quietly.

I froze remembering that I had no idea where we were going in the first place. Before I could ask him we landed and he turned off the engine. He then lifted the outside shades from the windows to reveal tall skyscrapers that lit up the night sky.

"Well guys, welcome to Hong Kong."