You sit on the other side of the room
Hanging with all your friends
I sit alone at a table or in the bathroom
Where ever you are, it depends

Instead of taking notes I stare at you
It'll be a miracle if I pass
It's really hard to concentrate
While you're sitting in front of me during class

There's no way I can talk to you
In your group I just don't belong
All those jocks and cheerleaders
There's no way we could get along

But I would try for you
If only you would give me the chance
Still, I know you would never say yes
If I asked you to the dance

I'm just a quiet girl
Who finds you too hard to resist
But I'm a nobody...
I'm lucky if you know I exist

You'll always be my cheerleader
I'll dream of being your outcast
Know that I'll love you forever
Except in gym when you pick me last