Reader, you can relate.

It must be an act of god
for her to breathe the same air
and feel the same sun.

Reader, if you're still reading...
I swear it must be a cruel joke
to still stay smitten -
Infatuated with her even after goodbye.

Surely you know how it must feel
to still want, to still hope
after all seems lost and the path diverges.

You must have wondered
where she's gone for school
who she's met in the recent
or if she still resides in that same town you called

I confess that I have.

I've wandered through the same streets
that she's walked
I've driven by the same lamppost
that she's seen
I've even stared at the sky and saw
the very same moon.

And still she's not here.

So all I can do is wonder what she's going through
and hope that one day
I'll be able to relate to her pain
and maybe
she can relate to mine.

Reader, if you've been reading...
I know you've been good on your thoughts.

So take this line to surmise the past
and let the memories flow.