You Let Me Go Too far

I know so much better than to fall for you again
But even so I can tell I am falling in lust
As you tease me then freeze me
Keep going and I will combust

You let me go too far
when will you remember just who you are
dealing with here.
I'm the one whose heart you took
And broke and made me choke
Now you seem so intent to break it again
and you'll win

Stop me now before I go to far
I'm too far all ready
Don't stop me this time
My heart remembers this feeling and it's telling me
It's half way to heartbreak and you're letting me fall
In lust with you all over again
We've done this before

Stop me now or I just might
Go one more step too far
Honesty has its own special price
These painful steps we've already danced
If you really love me as you say you do
You'll fuck me or quit asking me to the floor

This one is raw and It's not for you, It's for me
a warning from my heart to my mouth to quit this dance
because I'm going to get so badly burned.