"So, are you and Kyle going to the Mistletoe dance?" I asked my best friend, Lily.

"No." She sighed. "I don't think he wants to go when he has prom at the end of the year, being a senior and all." She smiled

"Aww. That sucks! Well, you never know. He may change his mind. Its still a few weeks away." I told. "They haven't even started selling tickets yet."

Lily nodded her head, "True. But I don't think he'll change his mind."

"Well, go by yourself and hangout with me." I smiled brightly.

"I don't know. He may have already planned something for that night." She gave an apologetic smile. I shrugged and leaned up against the locker next to Lily's, holding my books to my chest

We were leaning against lockers after our last class of school. Students were leaving lockers on their way to buses or their own cars.

Both of us looked and were different from each other, and some people didn't understand our friendship.

Lily Wes, was what you thought a Barbie was. She was tall, skinny, blonde, and blue-eyed. But she was far from stupid and gullible. In fact she was one of the top students in our grade. In simple words Lily was, beautiful, smart, popular, sociable, athletic, and easy to get along with, easily approachable. She was a very popular person, and friends with everyone from every clique, knowing all the latest gossip, and especially popular with the boys. But her latest boyfriend seem to be the longest and most serious relationship she's had so far. All in all, Angela was kind and good person.

Unlike her best friend, me, Lyla Jennings, I was short, curvy, but not fat (even though I felt it), with unmanageable dark curly brown hair. But like my friend I too, am smart and in the top of our class, but I'm more of bookworm than Lily, even though Lily does enjoy reading too. I am a sociable person, but mainly in school. I'm more homely and rather stay home with a good book. But I too, have many friends from different cliques, but I tend to stay in my circle of close friends or just Lily. I am mostly shy when it comes around people, but I am extremely moody at times. I'd rather get to meet you a few times before I let you in and get to know me. I am definitely not athletic, except in volleyball. To lazy and clumsy, I'd rather sit out and cheer my friends and classmates on.

To some this friendship seemed odd to them. How could Miss. Popular be best friends with the two steps above your average loner girl? Well, our difference brought us together and we complement each other. (Also we've been friends since we were toddlers does help some.) Lily's easy-to-get-along-with personality helped people breakthrough my shyness and/or mood swings. Me, the attentive listener and advice giver is always there, when Lily needed someone to talk to. But we both have the same dirty, immature, sarcastic sense of humor.

"What time is it?" Lily asked

"Um." I took a couple steps behind me, leaning back to see around the hall corner to see the digital clock.

"2:18." Lily nodded her head. "2:18?! I'm late!" I screamed. "I'll see you later." I said as she made to turn around.

"Wait! What?! I thought I was driving you home." Lily asked.

"My mom is picking me up! Julie wants to do something today. Today is Friday, right?"

"Yeah. Your sister is in town? I thought she was still out of town."

"I'll tell you later." I screamed "I've got to go. Bye!" I called over my shoulder as I started to run.

As I started turning around the corner of some lockers I ran into something. Or rather like someone tall and warm. We were both surprised by the sudden encounter. But, being my clumsy self, I fell flat on my back, my books, previously being held my hands scattered across the floor. By now most students had left the building, so no one was trying to walk over me. To much in a hurry to be embarrassed or to even look up at the person I collided with, I hastily sat up, fully annoyed by my little detour, and started collecting my books, and stuffing them into my backpack.

"I'm so sorry! Damn, clumsiness." I huffed as I stood. Slipping my arms threw the straps of my stuffed backpack and running towards the front entrance I yelled "Sorry." still not looking at my, um victim(?).


"So, are you going to Mistletoe, this year?" Kevin Beuford asked his best friend.

"I don't know yet." Austin Sanders replied as they walked down the deserted hall, heading towards the gym for basketball practice. "Are you?"

"Yeah. It's senior year, I'm gonna do everything. I think I'm gonna ask that sophomore, Jacklyn Boeing." He smiled broadly.

They continued walking, coming up to a corner. They walked lazily, knowing no one was in the school they didn't have to keep the guard up for other students, (say like crazy, running, clumsy girls, by chance).

As they rounded the corner Austin felt a short body collide with his, but not affecting him at all. But he heard a small squeal and the sound like someone falling to the ground. And as a matter of fact, as he looked down someone did fall to the ground. A girl lay on the ground, her books scattered around her, her bag near her feet, face covered by crazy dark curly hair, and the visible parts of her face covered with the slightest tinge of pink. She sat up quickly, looking quite annoyed, brushing her hair roughly out of her face. Quickly she crawled around for her books, and stuffing them into her bag before Austin could even kneel down to help her. As he watched her he noticed she wouldn't look up at him, even when she apologized, which he found odd. And she didn't even seem the least bit embarrassed. He was always use to girls blushing, stuttering, and staring at him. But somehow over the years since it started he found a way to ignore them. When asked why they did that, he was always told because of his good looks, star status on the basketball team, and his kindness. Often times he found this annoying because to him he wasn't any of that, he was just...Austin. But it didn't matter to anyone else so he just went along with it.

"Who was that?" Austin asked as she ran off.

"Sophomore, I think. Are you okay?" Kevin replied.

Austin waved his hand. "Fine. Let's get to practice."