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Chapter 3: That Skanky Fish Stole My Boyfriend!

I found the fellow freaking out on top of my car, Daisy, in wolf form pawing at the wheels.

"Get it away! Get it away! I think it ate Daisy!" The guy tried shooing Daisy away, who looked at me with sad eyes before beginning to bay at the moon.

"Dai-own girl!" I quickly covered up the fact that I nearly called her by her name; Daisy stopped baying and made her way over to me, whining the entire time.

"Shush." I muttered.

"Are you talking to that thing? Shouldn't you be calling animal control? Where's Daisy!? She just ran into the bushes and that, that thing came out."

You never insult Daisy, even in her wolf form. Daisy growled, but I caught her by the scruff of her neck before she could bound over and tear her date to shreds for calling her a 'thing' and not thinking her cute in her wolf form.

You didn't have to be a mind reader to know that was what she was thinking; it was just a Daisy thing to think.

"Dude," what washis name again? I made sure Daisy wasn't going to pounce as soon as I let go before standing up again. "it's our pet... Dinkums." Dinkums?

Daisy nipped at my fingers, and when I glanced at her she inclined her head to the side as if asking 'Dinkums?' I shrugged, repeating myself. "Dinkums is actually part wolf, we bought her from a breeder, isn't she lovely?"

"It's safe?" I withheld a growl; this guy was acting like a little bitch. But then again, he was only human. I nodded, eyeing him as he cautiously slid from my car.

He better not have scratched the top, I thought disapprovingly.

"Yeah," I looked up as the clouds began to cover the moon, Daisy would probably change back when the clouds covered the moon completely.

"Look, I'll send Dinkums in to sniff Dais out." I patted Daisy's rump, and she gave a high pitched yap before dashing into the bush. She made a beeline for her date, giving a small disgruntled yap at him, eliciting a slight scream. I shook my head, what a wuss.

I took a deep, fake, breath. "Beautiful night, innit?" We could hear more baying,

"Um," the guy looked from me to where Daisy had disappeared off to, "Are you sure that thing isn't going to eat her, or attack or something?" I chuckled, the sound a little mocking.

This guy. I shook my head, "Dinkums loves Daisy, half the time it's me Dinkums attacks." All true, Daisy loved herself to the point of narcissism, and if I didn't heal, I'd have scars to prove the fact that she attacked me on a regular basis.

"Ok." I glanced over at Daisy's date,

"What's your name again?" I asked,

"Craig." I nodded, not noticing the affronted way with which he said his name, "My band played at Daisy's party last week, you met me then." I've met him before?

I played along for the human. "Oh right Greg!"


I nodded, where the hell was Daisy? The moon was completely covered! "Yeah, I remember." No I didn't. My phone vibrated, as I received a message.

I thought it odd, I didn't give my number to very many people. In fact the only person who really had it was- Daisy: I need you.

I quirked an eyebrow, but slipped my phone back into my pocket. "You know what? I'll just go have a look for her, stay here. Don't move away from the car okay?" I left him alone, hoping no other creature decided they liked the look of him, lord knows enough people had died today. Even if he was one of the sissy humans that might have been better off deceased.

I made my way into the bush, wondering what Daisy could possibly need, I could see everything as clearly as if it were day, and before I even reached the first tree I heard Daisy cursing under her breath.

"Fucking moon, fucking hell." Great. I've had to deal with a mermaid, Daisy's boyfriend Creed, and now on top of it I've got to deal with Daisy, a pissed off Daisy.


I saw her not long after hearing her, she was completely naked. "Daisy! Where are you clothes?" I'd completely forgotten that sometimes, if Daisy wasn't careful whatever she wore at the time of a transformation would be completely obliterated.

She looked up, not even bothering to cover up, despite knowing I could see everything thanks to my night vision. Her glare was killer as she sneered. I averted my gaze, not just because she was stark naked and it would have been rude to stare, but also because the same rule of not staring into a wild animal's eyes applied here. But mainly because Daisy's body was rather perfect, and if it were possible I might have blushed. Her voice, cut through my bambling.

"Where do you think Declan? Fuck! Is Craig still out there?" A cloud of confusion settled over my countenance.

"Who's Craig?" I asked,

"My date!" she all but shrieked.

"Oh, yeah, he's there." I remembered the mermaid, not the best time but there was no time like the present was there? "Oh, and remember what we saw falling from the sky? Well I have reason to believe that it fell into the harbour." Daisy caught on fairly quickly, her brown –black in the dark- eyes widening, a slight smile played at her full lips.

"Oh! How do you know?" She asked as she rushed towards me, once again I looked away. Wow, maybe Daisy was right. Maybe celibacy wasn't the way to go for me.

She grabbed at my coat, which I guess I didn't need, tugging it off my shoulders. If I had been anyone else I would have taken this the wrong way.

I allowed her to take it, and she pulled it on tying it around herself, it was a good thing she was so petite. The coat covered her quite appropriately, with the hem stopping at her knees.

"Mermaid," I informed her, as we began to walk back towards the car through the shrubbery.

"Ooh, did she try to do you?" I glowered at her,

"She tried to lure me into the ocean with her information," I supplied,

"What information?"

"She said she knows where what fell from the sky went." This excited her,

"So something did fall from heaven! It's somehow related to what happened at your school. I know it." I pushed her down, she was all but trying to crawl up and tug on my hair in her excitement. Quite a comical picture.

I wondered how we were going to explain Daisy's attire to her boyfriend, but as we reached my car we discovered that an explanation wasn't necessary.

"Where'd he go?" Daisy asked impatiently, and at the thought of him she remembered how he freaked out completely at her wolf form. "What a whiny little ass, did you hear what he said? He is so dumped when we find him. Where did you leave him?" I was looking around, not really paying attention to her,

"I swear I left him at the car," and an acute splashing sound alerted us to poor Craig's whereabouts.

"Shit, the mermaid!" We sprinted over to see him being dragged under, quite willingly, his hands trailing along behind him as the mermaid giggled at him.

"That skanky fish stole my boyfriend!" Daisy exclaimed, I rolled my eyes, not bothering to point out that she had vowed to dump him literally seconds ago.

"We have to get him back!" Daisy began to untie the coat,

"No, leave that on. I'll go." I said reluctantly, I may not have cared for the human, but Daisy needed air to live, I didn't. Because technically I wasn't alive.

"But you're-" Daisy shook her head, her brown hair swishing across her shoulders.

"I'm a vampire, one of the undead?" I supplied, she continued to shake her head, I glanced at the water, the glow of the mermaid quickly fading, "What Daisy! We're wasting time!"

"A male!" She shouted, "You're a male, and males aren't equipped to counter the advances of a mermaid in the water, even ones who haven't been laid in decades. Especially ones who haven't been laid in decades." Gee thanks. She began to untie the coat again, "So-"

Without answering or waiting for her to finish her last sentence I turned and dived into the dark waters. I could see the mermaid's fin as well as Craig's dangling legs, they didn't kick like a man out of air. In fact they dangled like a man under hypnosis.

I surged ahead, and in no time I had a hold of one of Craig's legs. It was only then that he kicked, trying to get out of my grasp.

Ungrateful idiot. His kicking was futile; however I would have had the dickhead up on land if it weren't for the interruption of another hand, a hand which matched the coldness of my own.

The sound that floated to my ears was soothing, melodic and for a moment it distracted me. I let go of Craig's foot, and the hand that tried to stop me from making off with Craig took a hold of my hand. I knew that it was mermaid, and I even knew that it was the mermaid that made the hypnotic sound that held me in its grasp.

Craig, once let go of by the mermaid floated back up, but I didn't care. All I could think of was how beautiful the mermaid was, how black her eyes were and how blonde and silvery her hair was. There was something I needed to remember, but when I tried to remember it, it became even harder. The mermaid slid her hands around my body, grabbing hold of my shirt and tugging it over my head. The melodic sound continued to mesmerise me, her smile playful, as she slid her hands across my chest. I smiled back, and something I needed to remember nagged me still.

But her lips were curved up in an alluring grin, and she pressed her chest to mine, her amble breasts making it very hard to remember what he needed to remember.

The melodic sound was all I could hear, and the fact that I was underwater made it even more noticeable. The smile the mermaid wore held in it a sort of malicious undertone but I didn't notice, I didn't notice how her teeth were sharp and how the ends of her fingernails were sharp. She tugged on my hands, pulling them around her, her own hands grabbing the back of my head. I knew I was strong enough to push her away, hell the flick of my wrist would send her sprawling through the murky depths of the harbour, but I had no will to do so. There was a crescendo in the melodic tune that clouded my senses; all I could see was the mermaid.

She was so beautiful; her lips just about touched mine when she was wrenched away. A different face now pervaded my line of vision, no less beautiful and vaguely familiar. Only her eyes were not black, and her hair was not blonde... and she wasn't smiling either. I faintly realised that the hypnotic sound from before was gone, in fact it had turned dark, angry and when I looked again the glow of the mermaid was tinged red.

As if the effects of a date rape drug were wearing off, a feeling I hadn't experienced since I was turned, I came to.

The face that had taken the place of the mermaid's didn't belong to a stranger, it belonged to Daisy. She'd turned on the mermaid who was no longer in seduction mode, her pale body emitting a red glow that cast shadows behind Daisy's naked form. The mermaid swam towards Daisy, her fingernails extended. However Daisy grabbed hold of the mermaid's hands and twisted, her face hard as she visibly broke the mermaids arm.

The sound the mermaid emitted was caught between the shriek of a harpy and a pained whale.

I surged forward but Daisy held up a hand, shooting me a look telling me to stay well away. I complied, but it seemed that Daisy was getting something out of the mermaid, who was flailing in Daisy's grasp.

I had the distinct urge to throw jello on 'em, maybe a little chocolate sauce. Wow, how inappropriate. I put it down to my innate maleness. Daisy finally let go of the mermaid, who shrieked and came at me, I threw my hands up to block her but Daisy caught her by the tail and pulled her back, this time also grabbing her hair.

Daisy's fist slammed into the mermaid's face, and this time when Daisy let go the mermaid swam off in the opposite direction. Daisy made to go after her but I stopped my little friend by grabbing a hold of her, she needed air now.

I shook my head, taking a firm hold of her and swimming to the surface with inhuman speed. Perks.

When we finally broke the service Daisy gasped for air, her chest heaving as she clung to me. I held on to her, resolving to ask questions later. I got us back onto dry land, hunting for the coat she must have thrown off, finding it I wrapped it around her small form. She heaved, gulping the air gratefully.

"Where's Greg?" I asked, not sounding out of breath in the least. She jerked her head in the direction of a lump of sopping clothes on the ground; I nodded hearing his heart beat even from here.

"You alright?" I asked, standing up as she did. Daisy's brown eyes looked at me glaringly, with just a tinge of amusement. Her eyes glaring at me, then at my chest, I looked down to see the red fingernail scratch marks healing. They left behind pale scars that would probably be gone in a few minutes.

When she spoke she was still slightly out of breath, her voice hoarse as she spat, "That'll teach that skank fish to try to steal from me," I nodded, yes never mess with a werewolf, you'll only get served. But Daisy wasn't finished. "And next time, listen to me. It'll save us a whole lot of trouble." I nodded again, she still wasn't finished. "Oh, and guess what?" I raised blonde eyebrows in question,

"I know where to find what fell from the sky."

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