This is my choice

Don't say you disagree

I don't want to raise my voice

So please don't make me


I feel like crying

It's like we just can't stop yelling

Don't say that I'm lying

When it's the truth I'm telling


I try to make you understand

but all you do is shout

I'm not going to pretend

This isn't working out


I want to ignore the things you say

But your words cut straight into my heart

I don't want to go away

But we have to be apart


Yes, I'm leaving

And no, you can't stop me

I can't keep believing

That we are meant to be


Go ahead and yell

I won't wait 'till your done

This is my farewell

I'm gone


This is my choice

I don't care you disagree

Don't ever wanna raise my voice

And you can't make me