A/N: just a little drabble i did in class... hope you guys like! :D

My eyes are closed, my body still. I am lying down against warm grainy sand, which is a comfort to my chilly fears and marring anxieties. Through the sand, I can feel the constant pounding of ocean waves, rumbling like an earth- bound thunder.

I smell the salty air carried by churning waters. A cool breeze flows around me, and I feel goose bumps erupt and rapidly spread up and down my bare arms, creating the opposite effect of the sand. Even though my eyes are closed, I can tell the sun has been covered by huge, tumbling grey clouds. My ears pick up the faintest sound of them all mashing against each other, the tiny fibers in the clouds colliding with one another, ever so delicately, like quickly intertwining threads on heaven's loom.

These thoughts flutter about my mind like strangely shaped birds, but quickly scatter as a drop of wetness splats onto my forehead, followed by another which is plunked into the sand like a meager coin into a beggar's hat. I still don't open my eyes. I can hear the waves gradually becoming rougher, angrier, slapping up against one another, and the wind- it's gentle breeze gone, rapidly increasing to a colder howl which whips the sand into whispering tornadoes of stinging grain. I want to get up and leave, or at least open my eyes, but I am numb- gagged and bound by unknown forces. It feels like a nightmare.

A nightmare in paradise.