Chapter 1

Brown eyes gazed outside the window, looking at the passing stores and people with little interest. This town, I noticed, was ridiculously small and, consequently, had a really small population. It was so different from where I use to live, there was no large crowds, no traffic, no drivers honking and swearing at other drivers… I didn't mind that much really, I was a reserved person so it's not like I enjoy large crowds, it's just easier to not get noticed when you're surrounded by alot of people.

I used to live with my mother, for the past seventeen years actually. Then she learned a while ago that she had to go on this big business trip, though she didn't give me too much detail on that, and told me it would be a good idea to use this opportunity as a chance to spend time with my dad. So that's why I'm going to spend the next ten months in this town.

"You'll like it here, Rosa." My father, Rick, said as he drummed his fingers against the steering wheel, "It's a small town but the people are quite friendly; I actually know a few who are quite…excited to meet you."

I blinked, looking away from the view outside and focusing my attention on Rick instead. His tone had started out reassuring but towards the end it started to sound more annoyed. Once I registered what he had said, I raised a questioning eyebrow. Who from here could possibly be excited to meet me? I wasn't anyone special.

"Oh yeah? Who?"

Once again, I caught a flash of annoyance in his eyes but his lips had formed into a small, barely noticeable, smile as a soft chuckle escaped them. I frowned in confusion at his reaction; it was like he was remembering a pleasant yet also unpleasant memory.

"You know…" His smile grew the tiniest bit, "Just people."

No, I didn't know.

I didn't bother pushing the subject further though as we pulled into the driveway of Rick's house. His house was quite big, it wasn't a mansion or anything, but it was still pretty big for someone who lived on his own (it could have been a house for a family of four or five). I wondered if he ever felt lonely, having a house like this all to himself.

"Welcome home." He said as he got out of the car.

I snapped out of my thoughts and unbuckled my seatbelt before exiting the car also. Rick had already gotten my bags out of the trunk so all I did was follow him into the house. It was my first time coming here, he had always been the one to visit me in the past but I had never come to visit him; for some reason, both him and my mom thought it wasn't a great idea.

"So, I guess I'll show you around." He broke the silence. "This is the living room."

The living room was of normal size, I didn't miss the big screen TV and there was also two double couches and a single one. There wasn't really any decorations or anything, which wasn't surprising, there was only one person living here and that person was a male (how many guys do you know that actually bother with decorating?).

"The kitchen's this way." He motioned for me to follow him.

The kitchen was fairly big, and in the center there was a round table, which I guessed was where he ate. An amused smile appeared at my lips as I noticed the small TV on the counter.

"Do you have a TV in every room?" I asked jokingly.

"Pretty much."

He then lead me up the stairs, showing me his room as we passed it, the guest room and then finally my room at the end of the hall. He opened the door for me and waited for me to go in first before following after me. It wasn't too big and not too small; there was a single sized bed, a night table next to it, a working desk and a walk-in closet. Like the other rooms, it wasn't decorated; even the walls were plain white.

"Um…I know it's not much." He rubbed the back of his head, "But I thought you'd like to maybe decorate it yourself."

I walked to the bed and sat down; it seemed comfortable enough. Truthfully, I was glad he didn't bother trying to make the room all perfect for me; I always liked to decorate my rooms myself. This weekend I would work on making it more me.

"It's fine dad," I assured him, "I like to arrange my stuff on my own anyways."

I already had the basics; bed, desk, closet…now I just needed to paint the walls, put around some photos, maybe buy a few small things to use as decoration. It might seem strange, but I was going to have fun turning this room around.

"Well, good." He nodded his head as he cleared his throat, "So…you excited for school tomorrow?"

Immediately I felt my stomach do flip-flops and I resisted the urge to groan loudly and stuff my face into my pillow. What kind of question was that? What teenager enjoyed being the new kid? He seemed to have noticed my expression for he clicked his tongue and chuckled lowly to himself.

"Dumb question I guess, right?" He asked and I gave him a small smile, "Well don't worry, like I said, the people here are nice."

Well of course he was going to say that. It's not like he was going to say 'Yeah, watch out, the people here are total jackasses', even if it was the truth (I didn't know if it was the truth or not, I'm just saying that if it was, he probably wouldn't tell me).

"I believe you." I lied.

He eyed me up and down, probably trying to figure out what I was thinking, unfortunately for him; I'm very good at keeping my emotions hidden.

"Dad, do you mind if I go to bed?" I asked, "I had a long flight and—"

"Sure, sure." He nodded and began leaving, "You need your rest for tomorrow anyways."


"Good night then."

"Good night."